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  1. @viking In the dark theme, would it be possible to change the full-screen (non-bordered) up and down arrows to dark. They are white at the moment and it doesn't feel consistent to me i.e. they are dark in the bordered screens. I prefer the full-screen coloured backgrounds in dark mode, but the white up and down arrows at the bottom right catch my eye.
  2. Apologies. I wasn't clear. I've installed already but didn't see an update option in the theme menu of BigBox. But it has offered an update there in the past. I'll wait and see if it shows up soon.
  3. Will this automatically update at some point through BigBox, or do I need to update manually?
  4. I'm using a wired xbox controller in Windows 10 and I have switched off the controller game bar setting linked to the central silver button on the controller (to avoid conflicts). I was hoping to bind it to the pause screen. But it doesn't appear to be recognised by Launchbox or BigBox. Any thoughts on how to fix this would be appreciated.
  5. Is the option to have pause screen and start-up music choices at some point? I used to enjoy having arcade ambience playing when a game was paused and a specific tune playing when a game was loading.
  6. Apologies if this question has been asked and answered already. I've not been able to find a solution. Through theme manager in BigBox, my MAME marquees are no longer changing per game in Unified Refried. They did before in the standalone skin. I've tried selecting different views but can't get that functionality back. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  7. Jason. Cheers. All fixed here
  8. Jason. The final game selection screen where you select 'play' is a black screen on both the default and refried themes. Basically means I can't launch a game in this beta. Anyone else?
  9. Kondorito. I think we have that already. I have specific music files playing within a platform where the full list of games is available. When you select a game, the screen after that has the game sound. What I want however is music at the top platform select menu.
  10. Thanks Retro808. That's unfortunate. It's something I miss very much from my old Hyperspin build.
  11. A year on, we really need a way of playing music per system at the top level of big box. A music file separate from the video audio.
  12. RetroHumanoid. Would it be possible to add Dynamic Marquees to the screen that follows the full games list selection i.e. I pick ;Galaga' and on the next screen, the marquee remains 'Galaga'. At the moment, it defaults back to the generic marquee.
  13. @RetroHumanoid Cheers! This theme is awesome. I've never fully let go of the great feeling I had when I completed my first full Hyperspin build. My move to Launchbox has always felt like the right thing to do, but the build never felt 'fun' like my older Hyperspin build. Until now. You are the man! This theme rocks and it makes me smile every day
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