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  1. Hey, guys. I recently imported my Steam collection and I was wondering if there's a way to exit these games in the same way I exit everything else in LaunchBox (L3 + R3). Thanks!
  2. Worked just like you said! I'm back up and running. Thanks!
  3. Welp. Just learned something new. I'll give this a go tomorrow. Thanks, again.
  4. No, sir. I'm afraid I don't. lol It's not a huge deal. Honestly, with the new update allowing you to pick regions when downloading metadata, it might not be a bad idea to start fresh. Besides, I understand the program a lot more than when I first picked it up, so I'll have a much cleaner, leaner build than before. Maybe it will solve my sound startup glitch in BigBox! Thanks for the amazing program, Jason!
  5. With Google Drive closed, I tried deleting the VLC folder. No luck. Then I tried running the 9.4 updater and installing it over my existing build. Still no luck.
  6. Jason, I just tried quitting/closing the Drive sync service, and it still wouldn't work. It there a way to try and update again now that it's closed? I'd like to keep my build portable, by the way.
  7. I think I see where you're going. Maybe there was an upload/download sync for Google Drive in progress while LaunchBox was updating?
  8. I'm not sure what you mean. How would I close out of it? I have it installed within the Google Drive folder that gets synced to the cloud. Thanks
  9. It's happening for me, too. I got the notification to update yesterday, but I dismissed it and played a game. Later, I tried to open LaunchBox, and it automatically started updating. But, it never opened. I tried to start it again, and still nothing. I tried rebooting, updating my Geforce drivers, updating Windows, but still nothing. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit portable LaunchBox in my Google Drive folder ***edit*** I just tried installing to a different hard drive, and it works fine. Still can't get my original install to work, though.
  10. No, I never found a solution. I ended up disabling the startup sound because it was pissing me off.
  11. Okay, who is responsible for this? It's fucking amazing. I lost it because I assumed EmuMovies would have the most premium media for my library. When it disappeared, I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Finally, I tried unchecking everything in EmuMovies and selecting only the "Big Box Cinematix Theme Video" in the Download Images/Media program within Edit Game, and VOILA!! It's back, rocking on my TV. Whoever made this, I'd like to offer my sincere appreciation. It may seem like I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but when someone produces something like this, something that so perfectly payes homage to the memory of a favorite childhood game I see through nostalgic kid-goggles, I just can't summon the words to properly say "Thank you!". Sincerely, A Child of The 80's
  12. It would help if we could find a common variable. In my situation, Big Box launches on a TV connected to a home theater receiver. It's possible that the audio drop out has something to do with the receiver decoding the audio, but I highly doubt that because it doesn't happen with anything else coming from the PC. For what it's worth, I tried replacing the audio file with the one that has the delay posted earlier in this thread. Same result.
  13. For anyone else who's experienced this issue, I solved it by going the nuclear option and deleting my entire NES library and importing a different ROM collection.
  14. I've been trying to clean up some media in my library, and I noticed Super Mario Bros. 2 was all sorts of messed up. Wrong theme video, wrong music, wrong images. I attempted to edit the game and make sure it was correctly tagged. (It was.) Everytime I try to download images/media for it, I always wind up with content for Super Mario Bros., instead. What am i missing? Thanks
  15. My apologies if this has been solved/answered before, but I haven't found the answer, yet. Is there a script to make the Mupen64plus core in RetroArch start with the GL graphics driver when starting an N64 game? Thanks
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