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  1. I am new to the Retroarch world and having a helluva time figuring out my controller mapping. I have a three sided cocktail table - at the short ends are a joystick and three buttons each, and when sitting on the long side, there are controls for two players. The long side is controlled by an iPac ultimate board which is seen by the OS as a keyboard, and the two short sides are each plugged into a xinmo zero delay usb encoder. This is so that I can choose to play vertical arcade games on the short sides in cocktail mode, and horizontal games on the long side. It all works fine f
  2. That did it. After the LOAD "*",8 command, mine said SEARCHING FOR "*", then went to READY right away. Using LOAD "*",8,1 worked. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. Yes I know that I can't launch the ZIP files directly. I'm just trying to get Launchbox to recognize some files (ZIP, or TXT) so that the Import process has some games/files for which it can get metadata and images. Afterwards I can change the emulator/commandline settings to call my batch files or daphne directly. My post isn't about how to get the games to play from Launchbox, it's about how to get Launchbox to fetch correct metadata for the games. If I configure the platform to scrape for Arcade, it doesn't find all the games and gets some of the games incorrect. It
  4. Hello, I've read the numerous posts and tutorials on Daphne configuration, but haven't been able to get the ROM import working well. It seems that when I go through the Import ROMs steps in Launchbox, when I get to the confirmation screen, it only lists some of Daphne laserdisc games and not all of the ones that I chose to import. It also doesn't match up the games quite right. This happens whether I choose the ROM zip files to import or the .TXT framefiles. See the attached screen shot of the games it seems to pull. Notice that it is missing Dragon's Lair, Us vs Them,
  5. Hey everyone, I'm trying to get C64 floppy disk games working with MAME as the emulator. I'm using MAME 0.193 and the same software list version. The floppy games are in a c64_flop folder, in ZIP format, with single .g64 files inside. When I load the emulator, it boots to the C64 main prompt screen, but does not load the game. If I type LOAD "*",8, it begins to LOAD but then just says READY and hangs at a prompt again. It never loads the game. I'm using the following command to load standalone MAME: mame64 c64 -ui_active -flop1 commando Also it's the same if I use "flop" inste
  6. I'm trying to change the ROM folder path for my MAME Arcade platform using this Change ROM Path method, but I'm getting a message that 330 files do not exist in the selected folder. The original ROMS folder and the new ROMS folder are identical copies of each other, with the same exact numbers of files, so no differences. Why would it not see all the files? I've got my roms stored locally on D:\Games\Roms\Mame, and imported them into Launchbox as a MAME full set, and left them in their original location. I also chose to skip importing adult, gambling, Playchoice, etc games, and chose the
  7. Feature Request: I like this feature, but would love to see it leverage OR conditions, and also more Comparison types, like Does Not Contain. For example, for the Nintendo Classics playlist from MAME, I'd like to be able to include all games where Publisher = Nintendo OR Title Contains "Vs." to also catch some of the Konami-developed Nintendo VS games. I'm also showing some "Game and Watch" handheld games in my Arcade platform Nintendo Classics playlist. I'd love to filter these out with a Publisher = Nintendo AND Title Does Not Contain "Game and Watch". And to be able to Nest/Combine the
  8. Hi everyone, my NES rom set I have is a multi region set, with Famicom/Japan-only release games included. I'd like to split out the Famicom games into their own platform, so that I can have consistent cart images for all the NES games. What is the best way to do this? I'm currently storing the roms all in one single folder on my NAS, and pointing Launchbox to that folder, but keeping all the images and media in the Launchbox folder. I don't see an option to multi-select games in LB and "Move to new platform". What would be the best way to accomplish the move and rescrape everything as Famicom?
  9. Hello, I've built a three-sided cocktail table with my son for a multicade setup. We went with three sides so we could play both horizontal and vertical arcade games. I want to configure Launchbox with two different arcade platforms, Arcade (Horizontal), and Arcade (Vertical). I have two different mame folders, mame-0.161-vertical, and mame-0.161-horizontal, so that I can have different mame.ini files for each, and can configure the vertical mode to rotate the screen 90 degrees (and do cocktail flipping for the two short sides of the table). I am findin
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