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  1. You need the Mame artwork files for it.
  2. You may want to head over to the Cemu forums for game specific settings
  3. I looked out of curiosity...there are images scaled @ 160x23..Why?
  4. Thanks i realize that..It is working perfectly thanks for help..I love the Plug in..
  5. @JoeViking245 It was the missing BB plugin I missed ill edit the XML from a post you did..Im on the right path thanks..
  6. Would you be kind and send the xml privately so i could see it..Thanks for the reply..
  7. I have this running great within Launchbox, However in BigBox with the Refried theme I can't get it to work. I have tried editing the XML exactly like I've seen in another post but with no luck.So if anyone has gotten it to work please share your secret...Thanks.
  8. I am sure it it for you, but it doesn't justify why it should make it into a group trying to achieve a complete DB of official games.. Good luck..with your project..
  9. Good luck there..Hacks are HAcks....Everyday someone comes up with one,,It's like a dog chasing his tail..It never ends...
  10. Actually this should be a private group chat..The LB group I couldn't understand why we need to see disagreements on the DB.
  11. Serious???????..You are hanging up because you follow Pokemon..Not realizing I can post hundreds of links posting alternatives for DB.
  12. mine does the same also no screenshots.
  13. rexryan

    Fire TV Cube Support

    While i understand your question...There are tons of apks that support emulation on the firsestick..
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