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  1. Good images only thing i see is you changed layers for the top blur . From memory is 3 and they are behind your main image.. good work though.
  2. Why didn't you tell him how do do it? Ahh I remember- your the drunken moderator on the sauce again?
  3. @Jason Carr Would you please do something about this guy. .Please tell me where his comment was justified this is just uncalled for as a moderator.
  4. Ahh i recognize the name from youtube.. Watch the vids you get confused alot on what your doing..Ok..not me to interfere with the experts..
  5. Why would your answer be pushing to a beta release? My guess he didn't do a password rest on Emumovies, but what do i know your the expert.
  6. Did you actually read my post? There was no thing any where i stated where i was offended that's your assumption which is wrong...I feel i commented appropriately to the most negative, belittling moderator . While i have tons of respect for your posts and help you give I feel I'm comfortable in my post that's what forums are for.
  7. Why would not change your negative thinking and just reply that's an older version of Retroarch .We or I recommend updating to the latest's version . If that does not solve your problem reach back to me and ill be glad to solve your issue..
  8. Thats' crazy..Woow that's still exist..Thanks for the videos.
  9. How would you know this being from the UK? Did you copy facts from an article? Sometimes your post and help are just straight out wrong.. Stick to what you actually know and not try to get the i have thousands of post award it's more beneficial to alot of people.. Just scroll the last 3 days of your post not alot of help more critizing than anything...
  10. Your never going to get it. In my opinion because Emumovies and die hard collectors have a naming convention that is perfect (just my opinion) and alot I bet like my self are constantly correcting LB scrapping.. Just look at the media if you scrape 50 games for a box images there are 50 different sizes...
  11. What i have done is install on games on the emulator e drive. created text files with the gameid name (Install as rom). used default command line --fullscreen --app quotes and file name only checked off
  12. This pack contains over 2000 switch Eshop images that can be used for box fronts..All images are 1024X1024 as if you owned a switch exact same icons. You are going to want to rename as they are set to my personal rom naming. I look forward to see people creating tons of logos from this so this set so it can be completed. If im missing one you can message me...Rex.. Eshop Images.zip
  13. I live in the US and study law..Banning on just mere discussion seems extreme, but I do know the law on this one..
  14. That reference blows me away..That has nothing to do with any site but has to with all US citizens to follow. So no Japanese game art? It's your site, but that link has absolutely nothing to do with what we are discussing..Will you next be limiting stuff due to your local state or city codes?
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