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  1. mine does the same also no screenshots.
  2. rexryan

    Fire TV Cube Support

    While i understand your question...There are tons of apks that support emulation on the firsestick..
  3. yes i went thru up to B and had about a dozen you need have not gone thru your entire list. It was just a quick look on your sheet to see if i could be some help to you.
  4. Well that great, but post was looking for missing art.
  5. i have 378 3ds cart fronts that you need
  6. Why is this even an discussion? Everyone i bet there kids have access to tablets/ their own cell phone/PC etc..And i see a post that Sharp X68000 is a cesspool of porn games..Your the one that downloaded them..If i cant trust my kids when im not around for video games then I have a bigger problem than games .
  7. Don't feel bad about what you said..I create tons of artwork and videos for my own setup..I follow download counts because it gives me a good indication what people like and how i can change what i build..This particular video has 20 out of thousands of LB subscribers..Its the nature of the beast when building things in a mass community..
  8. Takes little time to create a child playlist..I have multiple..It's up to me what i want them to play.
  9. This subject has always made me scratch my head...You want a FE to do parenting skills?
  10. they are not platforms..just Arcade boards as technology grew...
  11. Yeah congrats using them and loving it..
  12. Got it thanks...I am getting Xaml errors 3 of them .
  13. I think the fonts are in the Launchbox theme download, but i could be wrong.
  14. rexryan

    GP32 in LB

    What's the error? and what emulator?
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