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  1. rexryan

    Fire TV Cube Support

    While i understand your question...There are tons of apks that support emulation on the firsestick..
  2. yes i went thru up to B and had about a dozen you need have not gone thru your entire list. It was just a quick look on your sheet to see if i could be some help to you.
  3. Well that great, but post was looking for missing art.
  4. i have 378 3ds cart fronts that you need
  5. Why is this even an discussion? Everyone i bet there kids have access to tablets/ their own cell phone/PC etc..And i see a post that Sharp X68000 is a cesspool of porn games..Your the one that downloaded them..If i cant trust my kids when im not around for video games then I have a bigger problem than games .
  6. Don't feel bad about what you said..I create tons of artwork and videos for my own setup..I follow download counts because it gives me a good indication what people like and how i can change what i build..This particular video has 20 out of thousands of LB subscribers..Its the nature of the beast when building things in a mass community..
  7. Takes little time to create a child playlist..I have multiple..It's up to me what i want them to play.
  8. This subject has always made me scratch my head...You want a FE to do parenting skills?
  9. they are not platforms..just Arcade boards as technology grew...
  10. Yeah congrats using them and loving it..
  11. Got it thanks...I am getting Xaml errors 3 of them .
  12. I think the fonts are in the Launchbox theme download, but i could be wrong.
  13. rexryan

    GP32 in LB

    What's the error? and what emulator?
  14. Craig Anderson did that years ago..Give him a credit...
  15. I agree here..Just look at the Launchbox startup category...It's filled with tons of videos with Green screen effects that are poorly done...I could only imagine what would happen when every one can do and edit...
  16. Hit me up I'll help you with the images.I have quite a collection going of these..
  17. What's with throwing out the word free? Are you referring your doing me a favor? Choose words carefully. I was making a comment that these are getting longer and longer..I will wait patiently to see the first 2hr game intro.
  18. Call it, phrase it however you please , 2 minutes is still way to long. 1 minute is good..
  19. looks great but realistically is anyone going to watch a 2min video each time you play a game..Videos are getting longer and longer..We used to have a standard of 30-40 seconds..Only my opinion but hats of on the time spent to make it.
  20. it's fine. takes 2 seconds to delete a genre you dont want to see.
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