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  1. I live in the US and study law..Banning on just mere discussion seems extreme, but I do know the law on this one..
  2. That reference blows me away..That has nothing to do with any site but has to with all US citizens to follow. So no Japanese game art? It's your site, but that link has absolutely nothing to do with what we are discussing..Will you next be limiting stuff due to your local state or city codes?
  3. Quote me the Us law on Video game images..There is none as far as any game created, That's the reason the US created the ESRB. As long a rating is associated not alot can be done..So if you choose that it's a company decision not a legal one..Say it..
  4. That's not really true..If drag a 20 game pack sometime games will not always get imported..It can skip game 3....
  5. i believe he's referring to the arcade cabinet image it self for his missing which there is no template as he calls it. I believe he sees other console systems that can be done because the images are there, but Missing aracde systems have to be made manually i believe.
  6. Always keep going on missing images..More options the better for everyone..
  7. Are you using Communty theme creator?
  8. I dont believe it's a template the image was cut from the full size arcade cab images that are out for specific arcade systems.
  9. Only my opinion i think the search features we have are spot on..Text to speech would be something i would like with the ability to turn off.
  10. It's a quick video grab..Other frontend's have done it at no way does it replace the quality and standard Emumovies has done for years.
  11. With the banner thing i personally like the color changes more of a collage..For me it separates systems for Arcade a little more.
  12. I didnt clean up the logo but using colors from it with the black logos maybe the way i go..
  13. Atleast half way down the Arcade Machine maybe all it needs.Not criticizing at all ..I have noticed on one's i created that black logos get lost in the background color so i have to change mine.
  14. i like it..Option top image further down more of a 3/4 background
  15. I understand that but think your into a sub level of the system at some point we need to change the eye view..If we do every the same it gets repetitive we have to get excited about going into another level..Just my thoughts.
  16. Send ideas..It does look like a manual process for all of this, but if we get 1 standard between us we can knock it out.
  17. Trying to figure out genre myself quick mock up i made for a test in PS.
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