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  1. Hi ! Sorry for my late reply, well it's not a crazy custom.. because I just got an abstract background from Google image... It could be better, but I pretty like it like this :-)
  2. Great theme ! I just change the background for something abstract, it makes the theme more in my taste! I love it, thank you very much for your work :)
  3. Hi all, I just configured Launchbox/Bigbox with the different emulators needed, and customized my theme. However I'm facing an issue, and I don't know how I can resolve it... I did some research on google but nothing. I added "Kodi" to Bigbox, when I start it, all good I can navigate well in Kodi. Is there is an easy way with a gamecontroller to exit quickly kodi like an game emulator ? (by clicking 2 times on Escape) Thanks in advance for your help! Regards,
  4. @Mr. RetroLust you were right, it works! - Start Kodi or BigBox - Unplug / plug HDMI cable of the computer. I think the error message I got was "out of range", so probably a resolution issue 😐 Thank for your help, very appreciate!
  5. Hi all! I just got bigbox yesterday, and i'm currently facing to this issue : - Every 4 or 5sec I got a blackscreen in BigBox - I had a look on Google for a similar issue, but I cannot find anything 😕 - My screen is ultrawide - I tried different theme, but same issue. - It's a new computer, windows updated + latest drivers downloaded (ATI 5700XT) - update: I got the same issue with Kodi 😕 Is there is any logs to troubleshoot this ? any ideas ? Thanks in advance for your help! ps: that very cool tool!
  6. I just read this topic, and didn't find something When I launch a game (snes or nes), I have a ton of crackle noise in the sound.. it's just horrible. It's a HTPC xtreamer ultra, with windows 7 / connected by hdmi to my tv. In the setting, I switch the audio driver to "dsound" (I had no sound with "xaudio"), I tried sdl2, samething I tried all the options in "audio resampler driver", same noise... I didn't find something on Google, so if you could help me ! Thanks in advance, Sqdz'
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