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  1. @midasI I can load it up tonight and send you some screenshots if you still need help by then.
  2. If you have a TurboGrafx CD system you can take a high quality photo of at that flat front view I'd be happy to add support for it in the theme. I just can't find any on the web and I don't own one myself. Took quite a bit of photoshopping just to get the TG16 image to work. As for editing it, you should be able to copy the TG16 view over quite easily if you use the Community Theme Creator (link in the description for the theme up top). And as far as the alternate image for the 3DO, I'll edit the image to fit if you can find a source, like above.
  3. @TwoLegsJim I never tested it with the playlists view (since I don't use it), so yeah that's interesting behavior... I would recommend you use the Text List with Details Game View (i.e. by platform, not playlist). If you're set on playlists, you can PM me a screenshot of your view settings in bigbox and I'll see if I can reproduce the issue.
  4. Nintendo Switch has been added to the latest version, please take a look. It will take some time before it makes its way into the the Big Box theme gallery.
  5. Just wanted to put it out there that I would love to see this updated to support the brand new Wall View CoverFlow Wheel that comes with LaunchBox v11.10!
  6. Sure I can add the Switch. Give me a few days to get to it. Any other systems you need while I'm in there?
  7. Hi all, I just recently got one of the new Chromecasts with Remote that runs on Google TV (formerly Android TV). I'm using the Moonlight app to stream games to my new Chromecast. It works fine for supported games, but when I use it to launch BigBox, input does not want to work. It works for like a half second after the startup video finishes and then does nothing. Video, Audio come through just fine. I am able to use Moonlight on both my Android phone and my PlayStation Vita to stream BigBox just fine, so I don't know what the issue is. Is anyone else having this issue or have a solution? Update: It's working fine now. No idea what changed! Neeeevermiiiind...
  8. @Jason Carr Has the URL to submit themes or theme updates for inclusion into BigBox changed? When I try to go to https://www.launchbox-app.com/themes, it redirects me to a Forum login each time, even when I'm already logged into the Forum.
  9. @y2guru I'm working with version 1/17/21 (, and I'm trying to make a game video conditionally visible based on the platform. It doesn't seem to hide it though at all, no matter what settings or conditions I put in. Attached are some screenshots of what I'm trying to do.
  10. Unfortunately the way I set it up, it is platform specific. I treated each platform as special and unique so I could modify the width of the gameslist and size/placement of the box art and have more freedom overall with the look. Making a universal change means making that change one at a time for every supported platform as a result (the tradeoff!) You'll probably be ready to go before I get to this. Attached to this post are the COMMUNITY creator project files for what I started (only modified the default gameslist view). If you need any PSD source files for the TVs or Consoles let me know, I can send you a dropbox link. WoodPanels Meta (in progress) COMMUNITY project files.zip Update 2/25/2021: After looking into this some more, I have decided I will not be pursuing adding the metadata to the theme proper. I'd have to add it one at a time to each platform, which is a lot of work, and it's not something I personally prefer with this theme. You can still use the project files attached to extend the theme yourselves using the COMMUNITY theme editor, though! Let me know if you have questions about the theme and I'll do my best to answer them.
  11. It's a lot of work to add that, believe it or not. Can you give me a prioritized list of platforms/consoles? I can get a version out faster if I don't have to do every single platform.
  12. @retrogamer459 Alright here's what I got mocked up. I had to kill the gigantic baseboard to make room. Is this what you're looking for? Also, as far as the disc number, if you set up your games correctly then you should only have one listing per game, not one per disc. It's different depending on the system and emulator you're using but as far as LaunchBox goes it's pretty easy. See this thread for some info
  13. @Maul83 I updated it to support PlayStation 3. Please take a look and let me know if anything is off. @retrogamer459 Still working on trying out your request; it will take some more time. I have updated the theme here for now; will submit it for inclusion in BigBox proper later on.
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