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WoodPanels 3.7.0

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About This File

WoodPanels has the old school retro feel of playing games on an old TV in a room with bad, green carpeting, but golden wooden paneled walls.  The video game console or platform appears above or beside the television to match that look and feel.  It is paired with a set of 8-bit fonts to complete the experience.

  • Designed for 16:9 screens on a 1080p monitor.
  • Unique views for 47 platforms with game videos, game 3D/2D box art, and game cart images.
  • Consoles are paired with one of five different TVs from the same decade they were released.
  • "Wall View" for looking at game boxes on shelves is accompanied by the platform logo and image of the original console packaging.


Installation and Setup Instructions:


Unzip in LaunchBox/Themes/WoodPanels. In BigBox under Options>Views>Theme> choose "WoodPanels"
1. To ensure you're viewing the image of the console and TV alongside the game list, go into the BigBox Menu (hit Esc on your keyboard or back on your controller) and select "View Platforms".
2. To view the carousel of devices in your platform view, go into Options>Views>Platform List View> and select "Platform Wheel 1".
3. Lastly, to make sure you keep this view the next time you start BigBox, go into Options>Views>Default Startup View> and select "Platforms".
4. For N64, SNES, Jaguar, Genesis, Sega 32X, Atari 5200, and NeoGeo, you need to download the game cart images AND you need to set your LaunchBox settings so your fallback images are disabled for this, otherwise when you have a missing game cart image it will pull something else and look...bad.  LaunchBox Options>Media>Cart Front Priorities>Uncheck all but "Cart - Front"
5. To enable a the "Wall View", change BigBox Options>Views>Games List View>Wall View.  Switch it back to "Text List with Details" if you decide to go back.

To replace the background image (in case you don't literally want wood panels), just replace the png with your desired 1080p background image (png file) under the directory:

Startup Video:


This is a startup video I created for my theme.  It features a logo for "Nescade" which is what I call my multi-emulator PC, as it sits inside of an old Nintendo's shell.  I commissioned Rushjet1 a while back to compose an original piece of 8-bit music specifically for this video.  Hope you all enjoy it!

Instructions for use: Place video file in the LaunchBox folder under /Videos/Startup/

Theme was created using the COMMUNITY Theme Creator by @y2guru

Edited by BMovieBen
number of systems supported increased

What's New in Version 3.7.0   See changelog


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Love this simple idea. Would be nice to see the tv change with the year of console perhaps in future updates. Appreciate you sharing this!


Response from the author:

Thanks! I had the same idea too. Finding images of TVs at a high resolution was difficult.  Maybe I can get Viking to help me out with some source files...

Edit: Just realized I never gave you an update.  Thanks to your suggestion there are 5 different decade types of TVs now, in addition to handheld and multiple PC views on the games list!

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· Edited by FamShoppa

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"WoodPanels" is the only theme I've seen that conveys that childhood feel of playing "retro" video game consoles!

All the other themes I've seen are taking the slick and often futuristic Kodi "Media Center' aesthetic...and trying to shoehorn in "retro" console graphics. No matter how good they look...those other themes never evoke any real emotions - and often feel like a contradiction. 

But with "WoodPanels", it feels like you're back in an innocent world...sitting down and staring in awe at all these great potential video game adventures!

I especially love how the theme just displays everything realistically - but in a sort of fun aesthetic. As you preview each game...you see the game cartridge with the actual marketing of the game. You see the preview of the game on TV's from the appropriate era of the console.

I also love that the author @BMovieBen instructed us on how to modify/swap the wooden wall graphic. Can you imagine the editing/remix possibilities? I have so many childhood photographs with me, family, and friends...sitting around these consoles. I'm thinking of PhotoShopping them in as framed pictures on the wooden wall! And as the little kids in my family have fun with these consoles...we can add their pictures to the wall as well!

So much thanks and love to the author of this theme! It's so unique and poignant!

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I love how super fast this theme is compared to the others! 

I had a few issues and missing platforms that I wanted to address. 
So I've updated the artwork, backup content..  

Maybe the main author would like to implement .

Plus attached is alt background if you want to override in Themes\Woodpanels\Media\Background\ folder if you want to change it.



WoodPanels 3.4.0 COMMUNITY Project Files - MOD.zip WoodPanels 3.4.0 Mod.zip

Response from the author:

@ninken I'm genuinely impressed.  I took a look through the project files, looks like you expanded the carousel images to support up to 266 platforms?  I've never even heard of most of these!  Very cool that you expanded on the theme and customized it to your liking.

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Really like this theme. Very well organized. Great use of screen space. Love how I have the option to select by box on the shelf or list with the snap. Inspired me to scrutinize and clean up my entire image library. I encourage you to try this one. May just become your favorite. Thanks for all of your hard work. Can't wait to see where you take things next.

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He added PS3 just cause I asked for it. 

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Awesome theme. Clean and fast and still has some sweet features like different cartridges. Reminds me of my living room.

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