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  1. Does anyone know where I can find wheel art, backgrounds, and logos for the games, as well as preview videos/snaps and other artwork? I got the MSU-1 games, but no artwork other that from this thread. Thanks!
  2. XC-3730C

    Best light guns?

    I really want to get a pair of light Guns. Does anyone have a recommendation? I don't need recoil, but definitely auto reload would be nice. I have heard of the Sinden light Guns, but those aren't out yet.
  3. I have Big Box, and I am missing icons for some of my systems. Where can I get some, and how do I install them? As you can see from my included picture, I am missing a lot, and many games are also missing icons. Thanks!
  4. Where can I get some 1080p flat borders (the ones without round edges) for Retroarch? I see a lot here: https://github.com/libretro/overlay-borders/tree/master/16x9 Collections/Nosh01 1440 Plain But these ones are 2560×1440 and cause some systems to still have some black on the sides, as seen on the attached picture.
  5. Exactly! I can live with the Left Bumper and Right Bumper, but since they are not analog, it is a bit annoying.
  6. I tried the suggestion for using the L trigger as break and R trigger as accelerate, but while they work in the menu, in the game it doesn't do anything, so I have to use the bumpers instead.
  7. For now I just have the break and accelerate mapped to left bumper and right bumper respectively. All other buttons work fine. Thanks for the help!
  8. Those buttons work in menus, but for some reason in game, the accelerate doesn't seem to function correctly when I hold down Rtrigger (mapped to accelerate).
  9. Does anyone have a list of what buttons in SuperModel 3 correspond to what buttons on an Xbox 360 controller? I am especially interested in trying to figure out how to properly map the break and accelerate to the L and R triggers. I can use the UI to configure the buttons, but I can't seem to figure out how to map L and R triggers. Thanks!
  10. I can successfully turn off bilinear filter for each core individually (I have to be within a game and then change it), but when I load up RetroArch with no core selected, turningvoff bilinear filtering has no effect when I then load up a core.
  11. A lot of retro systems use Retroarch, and it seems like bilinear filtering is set to on by default for every core (which makes the pixel graphics blurry). Is there a way to turn off bilinear filtering for all supported cores without having to do it for each core one at a time? Thanks!
  12. I don't know if it is because I use Tapatalk that the link doesn't show, but I found it, but the page linked looks like this:
  13. Is there a list of which emulators are needed for all the different supported systems? I wanna do the $50 lifetime LaunchBox
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