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  1. No option to vote on the ability to use a custom pdf reader so LB doesn't automatically default to the system pdf viewer, which is feature rich but bloated and not suited to viewing manuals with a controller at all ?
  2. It would be nice if LB could auto generate artwork like aeon nox in Kodi does, eg for banners it would use a portion of the fanart with text over the top. LB could use a screenshot, since all games have these available, and the font of the system. This could be also used to generate missing covers etc - Ive seen a few of these in the db. Eg: Here is how the banners look in Kodi. Granted it it using game logos for text, but I guess there could be a priority system in place eg if no logo available then use text
  3. You could use an autohotkey script to launch ff7 then automate the button presses to get into the game.
  4. Does make display the system in its console output/log file? If so you could use that to launch xpadder.
  5. Use the ahk function msgbox to troubleshoot, ie see if the variable is being passed on correctly
  6. pass the rom file onto the script as a variable: dolphin-wrapper.ahk "C:\Users\a9041158\Documents\iso\Muramasa__The_Demon_Blade.iso" Change this line to Run, "C:\Users\a9041158\Documents\Ishiiruka.Stable.758(05f5dddab).x64\Dolphin.exe" /e %1%
  7. Can you please add an option to select a pdf viewer executable so it's possible for LB not to use the windows default pdf viewer (the way it previously worked)? That way I can use a light viewer for LB and and full featured viewer/editor out outside of LB.
  8. While it would be great to have a pdf reader built into LB, it's possible to have this feature via an external program. I'd personally like to see the dev time spent elsewhere, like on the new 3d engine Ive heard rumoured on the forums ?
  9. Is it possible to download media and metadata for only one platform? When I try "Tools > Download Metadata and Media" with a platorm selected it downloads data for all platforms. I had a closer look at the platform metadata and while it might have added some data, there is still quite a bit missing for platforms that have info in the DB - "notes" in particular for multiple platforms and SNK Neo Geo CD is missing everything. EDIT I tried with all the games selected in one platform, and while it does update metadata only for that platform, it didnt update any data for the SNK Neo Geo CD platform
  10. Yeah, platform metadata. I updated all my systems last week and it didn't update it. I'll try updating a single platform and see how it goes.
  11. @Jason Carr any chance of adding the ability to update system metadata in the next release so that we can make use of off the data that has recently been added? ?
  12. Seems like the lack of visual feedback is a product of the strange numbers in the community rating - if I add a rating for a game with no rating the visual feedback works as expected
  13. Hi Jason, Still getting strange community ratings with b10. Also, is there meant to be some visual feedback when setting the rating in BB? All I see is 5 solid stars, so its not possible to see what I'm setting. Setting the rating via a controller felt strange too, like only one direction worked? (I get that feeling because only one direction would give audio feedback, the others were silent. One other thing, does anyone know what the numbers next to retro achievements stand for?
  14. So aafter updating win 10 to 1709 and LB to the latest beta the crashing has stopped. Not sure what fixed it. Still curious if LB contains some kind of logging so if any issues arise in the future they can be troubleshooted.
  15. Just noticed LB is displaying a strange community rating... Also the rating should be limited to one decimal place.
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