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  1. Console Metadata (Mega-Thread)

    Is that in the lb db or the lb app? I had a look at the database after posting this and its had info populated for most (all?) systems😀.. now I need to get my lb to pull the updated info.
  2. Console Metadata (Mega-Thread)

    Any updates on adding system info to the db?
  3. Don't mean to hijack this thread, but I've posted a pre configured sumatrapdf + joy2key portable install in the downloads section.
  4. The Dragon's Trap

    Yeah, playing through that is on my to do list aswell
  5. The Dragon's Trap

    Got around to playing the remake and really enjoyed it! Kudos to the devs for capturing the feel of the original! I prefered the original soundtrack, but the new sprites are great. Being able to switch graphics at any time is a really cool feature... being able to see how it originally looked is a great trip down memory lane. @thraxlol charm stones are still in the remake While searching around I also found out there is a fan made remake of the original game, with new levels and increased difficulty, called Dragons Curse: Havent played through it yet, but its on my to do list
  6. How to Play Atari 5200 Games on Your Computer (Kat5200)

    I mucked around with 5200 emulation last night as kat5200 wasnt filling the whole screen (didnt know there was an updated version on emucr though which fixes this). Got it working via RetroArch and the Atari800 core. Place the 5200.rom file in your RA system dir (you can check that its the right one by loading the core, then going to core options). After its loaded you will still get a error about requiring a Atari OS file. Press F1 on the keyboard twice (it also brings up the RA menu). Configure the path to the BIOS file via the menu, then save your config. Then youre set, and can play Atari 5200 roms via RA in fullscreen with shaders.
  7. I got a casing like the one you linked and am happy with it. It feels solid and has a bit of weight to it. I also got a Wii sharpshooter casing as some Wii shooters use both controllers.
  8. Ahhh I didnt know that.. never used a air mouse before. Since the PSMove worked well as a lightgun on the PS3 I was hoping to be able to replicate this on PC. Also, the wiimote in mouse mode with a dolphin bar doesnt have this issue, so I guess its possible to do with that type of hardware
  9. I use the PSMoveService: https://github.com/cboulay/PSMoveService Wiki with a setup guide: https://github.com/cboulay/PSMoveService/wiki I have tried with both free camera drivers with the same results. Discussion regarding using the PSMove as a mouse: https://bitbucket.org/hawkinse/psmovefreepiebridge/issues/14/psmove-as-a-light-gun-via-mouse-emulation The two issues I have are the cursor drifting (I've tried re-calibrating very carefully, and while it helped, it still drifts) and when moving the cursor off screen and back again the cursor and PS move don't line up (its like the cursor stops at the edge of the screen but starts moving as soon as you move the PSMove back in the opposite direction) I have a similar setup and I have found the same, though the xb360 wireless + scp reloaded seem to play nicely, the dolphinbar gets preference over them so I just keep it disconnected unless Im using a wiimote.
  10. Thanks for the info guys, ill try this out whem i have some free time. Its a shame that 'modern' light guns dont compare to the ones from yesteryear. Ive been playing around with the psmove in a attempt to use it as a mouse/light gun (due to it being more accurate than a Wiimote), and while it works, it has some calibration and movement issues which I haven't been able to work out as of yet.
  11. Anyone know how the accuracy of this method compares to using a wiimote in Wii mode with a dolphin bar in dolphin? I've been using it as a light gun cause I already had wiimote and a dolphin bar and other options are expensive and not that great, but the accuracy leaves alot to be desired.
  12. 7.10-beta-1 Released

    That did the trick - since enabling that option LB hasnt crashed with SMGm it wold crash with that game all the time before. Thanks!
  13. 7.10-beta-1 Released

    launchbox crashes when I launch a game via dolphin, and not lb itself - dolphin runs fine
  14. 7.10-beta-1 Released

    hmmm its still happening with the latest nightly, even when a game is launched in dolphin outside of lb. anyway to trouble shoot this in lb? does lb have a log file?
  15. 7.10-beta-1 Released

    When launching Dolphin, LB + BB will crash with this version of LB (aswell as prior versions). Seems to happen with the majority of games, but for some LB doesnt crash. Happens with 5x stable and nightly versions of dolphin. Any chance can you look at this @Jason Carr?