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  1. I've found, thanks to this discussion MESS/Mess.ini => change joystickprovider=auto to joystickprovider=xinput And it works ! Bye RLB
  2. Hi everyone ! I'll try to be as clear as possible.. What I want : To play Apple //e games within Launchbox on my TV throught Steamlink. What works : - I can play Apple //e games within MESS all fine on my PC - Apple //e games launches with Launchbox/Bigbox on my computer thanks to the great tutorial : What doesn't work : When i launch Apple IIe games with my steam link on my TV, MESS launches but - crashes immediately (on 99% of MESS/MAME/MAMEUI etc versions) - or makes me loose any kind of control on the window (keyboard or joystick). The only thing i can do is to close MESS w/escape or Hotkeys... (on only one MESS version, the 0.198). What i tried - like 10 versions of MESS/MESSUI/MAME/MAMEUI etc - change videos options in MESS, etc. - speak kindly or not to my TV If anyone has a clue... Thanks RLB
  3. Well, many many many thanks @ThePolish ! As you said, i've tried and tried the same process again and again... and finally, it works ! I can't understand why but it does !!! By the way, do you know how to make touchemote start with windows ? It seems like windows blocks something somehow... Thanks again
  4. Thanks for your answer ! I'll try to explain better : - i have only one wiimote paired on touchmote and on the dolphinbar (set on 4) : it works perfectly with dolphin emulator : i've checked several times with wii sports - Touchmote is configured this way - Mame UIFX is configured this way for lethal enforcers When i open the game, it runs and i can play with my mouse. When i go to "input (this machine)", the A or B buttons of the wiimote are recognized and configurable but the bar doesn't recognized any move of the wiimote when i want to configure "lightgun x and y analog". Unless i press on the dolphinbar "sync" button : then mameuix recognized the moves of the wimote and it works till the bluelight on the wiibar flickers. But as soon as it stops flickering, the crosshair stays steady... Thanks again R.
  5. Hi to everybody and especially to @tsoukkis and @ThePolish for their great work ! I followed first what the Polish says but i'm experiencing a problem that no one seems to mention : i've got to start the appairing process (pressing the button on the dolphin bar) to configure and make the wiimote work as a lightgun. But as soon as the light on the dolphinbar goes steady, the crosshair stops to move and i can use only the otherbuttons configured in the wiimote... Sure i'm doing something wrong, anybody went throught the same issue and found a solution ? Sorry for my english - hope my message is understable anyway. Thanks Ramón
  6. Hi, how did you manage to setup your joystick this way ? Thanks for the answer R.
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