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  1. Yeah I don't recall if I I have vysnc on or not but I will have review. Also I am not just playing old arcade games but current PC fighting games. Wondering too if plugging in HDMI into TV screen instead of a monitor will make a different.
  2. Hello LB Community!! So I have a question and I am sure a lot of it is going to require some more testing on my part and that is fine. Current Test PC Build before migrating to new built PC - Intel Xeon 8 Core PC -24GB memory -1060 8GB GTX -WIN 10 -ViewSonic 1ms 27 LCD Monitor connected via DVI (Highest Refresh rate support is 80hz I imported my MAME 193 full merged set into LB 9.0 (Now running 9.1) and have been playing several different games with no issues. I run the MAMEUI version of the emulator. What I did notice when playing a few rom sets of tur
  3. So for starters I didn't even thing about doing shift commands so now I am going to have to rethink my button layout because of that so thats helpful. So Question For your focus of layout for your control panel? I see you like turtles and the turtles arcade beatemup is certainly in my top 5 most played arcade games but I am also big into playing street fighter and mortal kombat. Did you do any testing on different sticks for those games to find which is most responsive? I know having low quality, loose joysticks tend to not work wheel last all in fighting games. I am considering
  4. The devs/mods are generally good on reviewing posts and replying to some. However we are in the holiday season and they probably also have full-time jobs so not sure how quickly they will acknowledge it but they might of even noted it in a next beta release. I hope they start up the dev/qa live youtube qa discussions because those were pretty helpful.
  5. So I used multiple methods. For starters I used the most recent HyperSpin XML List. Not saying this truly shows the fullest but I also hit a few different sites wiki, gamesdb, just googled for results to find a listing and went through it. I know it sounds tedious but once done your done. I do have full sets separate for non-english systems too instead of mixed in the main USA release Ex - SNES, SFC. I can share with you my AUDIT LIST if that helps to verify what you have and don't have. FYI there is no right or wrong answer on how you want to setup your collection. Some people just wan
  6. Yeah that game pulled down correctly for me just fine. I started a fresh install of 9.0 when I did this and updated to 9.1 since. I did recache not too long after that so I wonder if that is an issue.
  7. yeah just went through my collection. There was maybe 2 NES games that didn't get scraped that I went back and did it manually. Aside from that I did notice too that some images were labeled for SFC and not SNES even though they were USA SNES games. The media was there but it referred the other image until I changed the image type. Aside from that I have a few prototype games from older systems like Atari and some files that are BIOS that I need to either hide or put a default "BIOS" file on. Did you recall getting any errors when the scraping was done? I know I had a few awhile back whe
  8. So question then did you add the games via the folder method vs. the rom file method? I am wondering if that has something to do it with. I can look at mine tonight and see. I know you can't scan for newly added roms if you added them in via folder.
  9. I appreciate your feedback and images of your work. I am curious on the control panel side of things. 1. How does your control panel mount on the cabinet? Is there any issues with more weight in the front that you had to counter weight the back of the cabinet to keep it from tipping? 2. Did you find the corners of the control panel? It looks like it might be a bit uncomfortable since the front corners sticking out for the 3rd and 4th players but that could just be the way the pic looks. Overall man it looks pretty good. Might be good to take pics of it with people standing in fr
  10. Gotcha well I know I didn't have much art missing but there are some games that don't have art period and unfortunately/fortunately the people that make art for those either sell it or contribute it to the community.
  11. I struggled with having a complete set and then not having a complete set. For the older systems it was a bit easier to just have it as it didn't take much space up and not have to pick things out. As far PS1, dreamcast, etc when you use the right tools you can compress those sets like PS1 - PBP files and dreamcast - CHD files. It ends up saving alot of space and still maintain a full set. Aside from that I have picked the best of breed for PS2 and Wii so some of those can translate for an arcade cabinet and for a home console PC. Not really interested in WiiU as WiiU is the system Nintendo wo
  12. What is the scraping source your using? I haven't ran into that issue but I am also pulling media down from EMU movies as well with the lifetime license.
  13. Yeah started to review and weed my collection back. I did have the complete Wii collection (2.06TB) but decided to remove alot of the shovelware leaving it at 697GB. Did a similar thing with my PS2 games.
  14. So I am fairly certain I found it but am running into a new useable video mode error. Did you document the instructions you mentioned in the start of there post?
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