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  1. So I tried again. I put mspacmnf in a folder by it self and tried to import it. I tried unchecking all the import filters (skip hack unchecked, import duplicates etc) and it processed but then says 0 imported. I also tried right clicking mspacman in launch box and choosing split into multiple but it didn't work either. Not the end of the world I ended up just editing mapacman and manually changing the rom name since I only really play the fast version. Could be the condition of my romset. I think it's a .177 merged. But I manually copied out just what I like to play. Thanks for the advice everyone -ted
  2. I honestly don't recall what I left checked/unchecked during the import, but I chose "copy files to launchbox games folder" option, and the rom was copied. Do the import checkbox filters control what gets copied or just what gets shown in the menus and what artwork to download? I will try a re-import tonight and ensure hacks are included and report back, thanks!
  3. Morning, Just imported a group of MAME roms (not a full set) so I just used regular rom import method. In launchbox however, I only see the original mspacman, not the fast hack version. I see both roms in the games folder... (e.g. mspacmnf.zip alongside mspacman.zip). I don't think I have any view filters enabled... thanks! -ted
  4. I was surprised it worked. Yes the MS site says it is not supported, however, I simply opened bluetooth manager, add devices in windows 7, then held the sync button on the controller and it paired. Granted, it comes in as just Microsoft Xbox Wireless" not specifically Xbox One S controller like when i connect via usb cable. But all the buttons respond (except it wont show up in launchbox)
  5. Have you tried it as well with new Xbox One? Which OS are you using? As mentioned I'm on Windows 7, which MS technically didn't support for bluetooth and this controller. Hoping I wont have to buy the $20 usb adapter....
  6. Good afternoon, I have successfully paired my Xbox One S Wireless controller to my Windows 7 PC over bluetooth. All the buttons respond in the game controllers properties, also retroarch etc recognize it. However Launchbox nor BigBox see this controller when i go to options... controllers, the list is just empty? In windows the device shows up as xbox wireless controller in my bluetooth connected devices... [EDIT] seems someone already posted an issue on the bug board but it hasn't been responded to their either... https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2263/new-xbox-ones-controller-not-showing-up-in Any ideas? Thanks -ted
  7. How about this? http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=258578
  8. Ha. Yeah no problem I don't know what that screen is called either. In any case is there a way to edit it??
  9. Thanks however not seeing it or taking about something else? When I say bigbox sidebar I mean when you hit back enough times you get the screen with view platforms etc. My options there has no sidebar link? In launchbox tools options I do have a sidebar section but Alli can do is turn on or off "all" "none" and "exists"??
  10. I was looking for this answer as well. Someone in the issues board said they just used AHK as a work around, mapping the second key on the controller or keyboard to be the same as that on the first controller while in BB. Unfortunately they didn't say where they put the AHK script which is what I am trying to find...? Is there a spot to put AHK for Bigbox.exe inside LB or is he likely running AHK natively in windows?
  11. In an effort to conserve space, is there a way to determine what media is actually required for a certain theme? E.g. I plan to use the latest CityHunter theme on a fresh BigBox install. When I go to download metadata and media, I would like to download only the minimum files required for that theme to be complete. Specifically, I am going to use "Vertical Wheel 2" and "Platform Wheel 3" in my setup, if that reduces what is needed as well? Any way to tell from the theme xmls etc? Thanks!
  12. ckp, You are correct as I also have a tankstick. All you do is set up keyboard mappings (not joystick mappings) in bigbox. Arrows are already correct, just need to change the other buttons to you preference. Yes, the trackball will work as a mouse, but unnecessary.
  13. Is there any way to customize the BigBox side bar? Specifically, I would like to remove a lot of the filters I never plan to use, like View Developers, View Status, etc. Thanks, just purchased BigBox yesterday and am almost ready to make the switch from HyperSpin!
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