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  1. The easy workaround is running it through Steam. I added launchbox to Steam, run steam on the shield, and launchbox defaults to the resolution steam is displaying. Winner winner chicken dinner
  2. Anyone having issues with resolution? I use an ultrawide monitor (3440x1440) and when streaming to my Nvidia Shield TV, Big Box is defaulting to the resolution of my monitor which results in unnecessary letterboxing. I'm also having issues setting up two-player (both controllers are currently triggering player one) -- but that's another conversation entirely.
  3. Like the title says -- how can I adjust the resolution? Just purchased a lifetime pass and when streaming to my Nvidia Shield TV, the resolution is defaulting to my monitor resolution (3440x1440), which adds unnecessary letterboxing at the top and bottom. Hoping an adjustment at the client level will alleviate this issue Thanks!
  4. So I'm about to take the plunge on a lifetime license of Launchbox premium for the Big Box feature, however, I have two questions before i proceed: Does anyone have any experience streaming Big Box to Nvidia Shield TV? I use RetroArch, PCSX2, and Dolphin. Will I need to set the resolutions in these emulators up separately (outside of what I setup for playing on my PC), or will Nvidia's streaming technology "automagically" handle it? In regards to the Shield Controller --- do I need to configure it within each Emulator, or will Big Box / RetroArch / Dolphin / PCSX2 recognize as an
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