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  1. Further playing around and I am finding that in my case I do not see a black screen at all, just loss of focus. Whilst I have not used the windows game features much before I am now seeing games which in previous versions of BB were 100% reliable become flaky at returning control to BB. But that is happening frequently and unlike previous versions - so I am experiencing issues I have not seen before. sTeVE
  2. Hi, I've just started to play with windows games (Steam, GOG, windows store) and find that the regaining focus back to Big Box on exit of a given game is very hit and miss and in fact is inconsistent. I find that some on exit return focus 100% of the time and some are quite random, and it's not based on the source - so I see erratic behavior from Celeste (Steam) and Cuphead (Windows Store) - but 100% reliable functioning from GRIP and Gris (Steam). I have setup an xpadder ALT/TAB button to let me regain focus, but the inconsistency is a little annoying. sTeVE
    Love this theme, simple, uncluttered and just plain clean. Just what a modern system needs for a UI - no gaudy artwork or spinning menu wheels... sTeVE
  3. Okay thanks for the feedback, I will dig deeper... I have now experienced the same problem with windows (Steam) games too. sTeVE
  4. Thanks for the pointers - will try both executables! sTeVE
  5. Hi, In the latest Beta I am experiencing sound issues - I have latest windows 10 with all updates on a Razer Blade (2017) laptop. What I experience is that is if I launch Dolphin through BigBox I get no sound, if I launch it from the desktop interface all sound is fine... Once I get the issue all sound is missing in the BigBox UI and subsequent emulators I launch. I realise this may be some bizzare coincidence - but it only started today after LB updated to the latest version (8.4 Beta 2) .. Anyone else afflicted this way? sTeVE
  6. This is a fantastic theme, super simple, elegant and looks just great. I have run into one little problem perhaps you could advise me of a fix for? Playlists are not working well - the Playlist menu features HUGE text, once you select a play list it's all good, but the list of Playlists is rather broken :-( Any ideas? sTeVE
  7. Thanks for the replies - I'm gonna dig into MAME/MESS and give it a go!! sTeVE
  8. I have a fear of MESS - bourne of nothing more than using it many years ago and it driving me insane - but this was a decade ago... Are there not strict naming and organising of rom requirements to make MESS work - my collection is accreted somewhat... sTeVE, irrationally fearing MESS
  9. Do you have a pointer towards the Nostalgia information like that - I see the same issue with Blockade runner too.. I wanted to use JzIntv, but I cannot get any good quality screen display out of it, if I use the presets it's never full screen or if it is it is blurry and using a custom resolution as per the setup instructions seems to make it crash every-time... sTeVE
  10. Hi, I'm trying to sort out an oddity I experience using Nostalgia for Intellivision emulation. All my ROMs work fine in Nostalgia itself, but some will not play when I try and launch them through Launchbox's menu. I can play Demon Attack just fine from the Nostalgia menu, but I get an "unable to load game from file" pop up in Launchbox if I try to boot the same ROM from there. The files are all in .int format Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! sTeVE
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