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  1. here's some WIP from me for the missing platform videos.. getting all these angles right is a pain in the.. anyways, lets get these platform videos finished. if youre ok with my results, then ill look into Adobe AE for the vid part.. havent done this before. seems fun tell me what you think!
  2. Wow, thank you for the fast answer. Yeah I tried something similar or thought that you could solve it this way. But I didn't know the right naming Conventions for Playlists etc. Will give this a try when work is done and give feedback. Thank you!
  3. Hey there, absolutely love your theme! 😃 It Runs with no issues so far. Apart from that, one Issue I have is, that i normally don't use Platform View since there are too many Games to Scroll for me I use Playlists for each Console with just my Favourites in it, e.g. for Nintendo 64 Platform i created a Nintendo 64 Playlist with just my favourites. I edited the Playlist Video Paths to the Corresponting Platform Video from Colorful. So far so good. Unfortunately i can't match Background Color to the corresponding Color of the Video for each Playlist. Tried to poke around with Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config and Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a-Colors.dll.config but didn't succeed at all.. Could anyone help me with that issue? Would be great
  4. I dont think so... At least i couldnt find it. My solution to this Problem was to create new Playlists for all your systems/platforms where you Put in your favorites. In big Box you then can Switch between Show platforms and Show Playlists If you want to Show all / Just Show favourites. There are a few downsides when using this Method though. For example Some Infos are Missing in Playlists compared to platforms. Or when using Themes with custom background vids you have to manually adapt the background vids to Match the current Theme for your Playlist. At least i Ran Into These Problems.. Edit: wow, didnt know about that. Might have a look tomorrow.
  5. dont think that this is that much of a problem since this still can be edited later on. imho its nice to have a complete set of really good quality boxes instead of having none just because they dont include region just from the beginning... i assume that all these ps2 3d boxes are yours, @diamondgeezer ? i moderated approx. 300 of them. but felt like more apart from that, i also encountered exactly the same weird changes made by some people..
  6. A problem i encountered with moving mouse cursor to a corner always was the combination of Retroarch + Overlay + Mouse supporting emulator core (e.g. scummvm, some Nintendo DS emulator). What always happened was that windows mouse pointer AND for example scummvm pointer were visible and moving relative to each other. This was unacceptable so i searched for some scripts to completely disable the mouse cursor. I tried this a few minutes ago and seems to work quite well under win10: Sleep, 3000 SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 MouseMove, 1920,1080 if (flag := !flag) { MouseGetPos, , , hwnd Gui Cursor:+Owner%hwnd% BlockInput MouseMove DllCall("ShowCursor", Int,0) } else { BlockInput MouseMoveOff DllCall("ShowCursor", Int,1) } Return What it apparently does is to move cursor to a corner of the screen and prevent the windows cursor from moving even while using the real mouse for example in ScummVM Emulation with an Overlay. Dunno if every line in the Script is needed. But it works.
  7. Hey there, hope its okay to post a request and open a new thred for this. SInce launchbox now supports plugins i thought it would be possible to add this functionality by a plugin.. Basically it would be nice, if Big Box had the ability to only show the games in each platform which were marked as favourites in LB.. So one would be able to import an entire Romset for each platform to use in launchbox and have the best games shown in big box showcase. For example, going through an entire GBA romset to find a certain game is pretty annoying even with the latest added features. Apart from the loading times regarding images pp. This was already requested some time ago as a feature for LB/BB in THIS Thread. Maybe a plugin would be the perfect solution for this. Unfortunately i cant code myself but i think this shouldnt be too hard to handle. If someone would like to give this a go. It would make my setup perfect. Apart from that nice work with the recent plugins. Love this community.
  8. @viking absolutely love your theme! One question though. Is it possible to reduce the blur of the background a little bit? i dont like it too blurry. took a quick look into the viewtype xamls but couldn't find something related to blur. thanks!
  9. +1 for this feature. I like Launchbox very much and like to import all my complete Romsets to it so that i have it as complete as is gets. But for BixBox purposes, I'd like to show only Favourites because in a romset like maybe GBA or Mame with thousands of roms its hard to find your desired games. Apart from that it takes much longer to load 1000 ClearLogos than 100. The way of hiding Roms sounds ok. But I think a "show only Favourites Filter" wold be nicer than to hide everything. Seems more "right" to me. And shouldn't be that hard to implement I think.
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