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  1. I am not familiar with the mini IPAC however all works well for the IPAC2. PC games that require mouse or joystick control are almost impossible to play well with only keyboard controls. Games like Street Fighter V and MK X can be semi mapped to keys on the keyboard emulator but with all the extra menus for online play and customization it's makes it too cumbersome to load and play on an arcade cabinet.
  2. I have an IPAC2 keyboard emulator and 2 Sanwa arcade sticks. All buttons and joysticks are wired into that.
  3. Thanks Madpossum, I also got those games working that way too. If only the menu systems could be more arcade friendly like the version of Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition for Taito Type X, it's just straight to the game without going through menu after menu of useless options when all you want to do is fight your buddy next to you or A.I. in an offline game.
  4. Hey thanks Man, I'll check them out.
  5. Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend some good Steam games that play well on an arcade cabinet with Big Box? I'm looking for games that are simple to launch and play with minimal setup and operate just like an emulated arcade game or Taito Type-X machine. They run, press start, choose amount of players then play...no B.S. options etc. Additionally they will easily quit to Big Box with a hotkey (ALT-F4). I have a standard 2P layout with 6 buttons each + start, exit and 2 player select buttons Cheers
  6. Adding menu items that go on the main menu like Kodi, with 'Global' meaning that these items could always be listed on any menu/view.
  7. I'd love to see more done on; Games Database (Ratings, pinball info, etc) Better support for pinball especially Future pinball and individual Pinball FX tables Adding global menu items to Big Box, such as Kodi Native support and download function for game bezels (I could ditch rocketlauncher if this existed) Raspberry Pi edition of Big Box
  8. Hi Guys, Just wondering if there has yet been a feature added to big box yet that will allow me to choose a default platform on startup.. Though I have several platforms I'd prefer BigBox to boot straight into the Arcade list. I tried using filters but the screen doesn't look the same for me as the standard games list. Cheers.
  9. Thanks Jason, good job.
  10. I'm also finding that the Videos randomly don't play/display when going through the wheel with the VLC engine, if it's not there I can move up one game then go back it works.
  11. Just tried it and holy bat balls batman it worked!! Now just have to tinker with the commandline parameters and artwork and we're cooking with gas. What a great community, thanks again guys.
  12. Thanks that might help, I'll give it a go. Only other way is to somehow create a games database for launchbox to recognise each table as a separate game the same way as future pinball. Thanks everyone for your prompt assistance.
  13. Hi everyone, Has anyone had any luck getting Pinball FX2 working in launchbox/Bigbox as a platform with table wheels? I used to have it set up in Hyperspin as a platform wheel and each table listed individually rather than having it setup as a single steam game. So I basically want it set up the same as the future pinball platform. I previously used rocketlauncher to launch it via Hyperspin. Cheers.
  14. Thanks Jason, that worked a treat.
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