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  1. hi, I used he change path function but it seems to only work on path were my roms are not separated by folders, can this option be setup lo look in supbfolders as well? i added a pick of an example of my ds library
  2. Hello, I recently had to format my main hard drive that had my windows installation, luckily my launch box install were on another hardrive (a spare ssd i have) and my roms are located on another drive(a 3TB gaming hardrive). since my drive letter changed all my roms are unlinked from launchbox, and i wanted to check if theirs a simple way to back as the only thing that changed was the the drive letter, now many will initially say just change the drive letter to correspond the old path,but i cant change it to it as the prove drive letter is assigned to an sd card reader built to the machine that cant be changed for some reason
  3. Hello, I would like a pluging that adds all my games on launch box with art to steam and vice/versa. I use a lot of big picture mode and would like to see launch box games there ass well. also when i buy a gem on steam i would like it to be automatically added to launch box as weel
  4. bump still happening , and oddly it seems to be only to my arcde colection, all other update correctly after a rome is added. if nedded i can add a video explaning the issue
  5. hello , Today i added to my arcade library 3 new roms to be used with another version of mame than the rest of my collection. I tested it after including it on my list, but after i switch to bigbox , the games disappeared for some reason. Not only that one of the games was a copy of and old broken rom which i updated to a working one and changed the version of mame to use on that specific rom. but switching to bigbox or just closing launch box just undos this and brings back the old rom. can anyone help me with this thank you
  6. Hi, im looking for a way to switch between back and forth from big box and steam big picture thank you
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