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  1. Yeah I really wonder about the Xeons. Eventually I plan to put it on a much simpler consumer grade gaming rig in my future game room. It's just Big Box that has that feel...all games work as expected.
  2. Read that thread and have tried those items. Have 32 CPU cores (Dual Xeons with 8 cores each 16 hyper threaded), 32GBs of ram, and 2x 980 Ti's.... Launchbox barely touches it load wise. It's a heavy lifting workstation for Color Grading and 3D rendering. I have removed all unnecessary services and processes. I only use windows firewall. Also have let it sit for hours on end and gone through and made sure every image is opened by hand and cached. Performance the same. I suppose I could try a clean boot forcing everything off but I doubt that will change anything. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a Xeon thing vs. a consumer grade cpu. I have even tried limiting the affinity of Big Box down to 4 cores. Seems a little bit more responsive but that could just be in my head. Looking for any other solutions. Launchbox and the roms are currently on my slowest drive in this system. Just a regular WD Black 1TB. I plan to put a 1TB Samsung M2 960 Pro in early January and migrate the Launchbox setup to that. At 3200MBs that should clear up any IO issues though I doubt that's what this is.
  3. For some reason Big Box is just very sluggish in it's animations and response to input. Coverflow is the worst culprit regardless of image quality settings. The sounds of changing game selections seem to be in sync with the input commands but the animations are dragging way behind and seem to be well under 30fps. However even down to the text list view (the fastest mode) there is some hesitation especially if you rest a hair to long on a game and let the imagery and description load. Moving your selection in the middle of that transition always causes sluggishness and frame rate reduction. This sluggishness gives an overall taxing feel to the whole interface....like the computer is struggling with something. I do have a massive collection indeed, however I also have a massive computer and this sort of performance should not be the case. I have tried disabling animations, details, and transition types... still the same performance. Any suggestions or help would be great! Attached some system specs below. As you can see a very high end system so I'm not sure what's happening.
  4. Thanks for the quick response and openness to new additions! Totally buying your software today. Thanks again.
  5. Looking into using this as my arcade frontend on my HTPC. Looks great. Before I purchase though I'm curious if there is a way to hide the mouse cursor in Launchbox? I'm a fan of the Launchbox interface and not entirely sold on the layout of Bigbox yet. I'm using a joypad to move around and make my selections, however when I open a game and then exit out back to the launchbox interface the mouse cursor is reset to the middle of the screen. This causes the mouse to hover over a game and highlight while I am moving the actual selection around with the joypad. Annoying and distracting to have the two selections running at once. Anyway to disable or autohide the mouse cursor so this doesn't occur? Or is this something that may resolve itself with the premium one and features like minimize and maximize after entering and exiting? I think it is caused by the emulators switching to a lower more appropriate fullscreen resolution for emulation then bouncing back. Thanks.
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