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  1. As I said . . "I've turned off the Startup screen in options and MAME will still not give the game focus, EVEN AFTER ALT-TABBING."
  2. I appreciate you wanting to replace Rocketlauncher but an option to disable game startup would have been nice. Its Christmas Eve and MAME games aren't even loading. I've turned off the Startup screen in options and MAME will still not give the game focus, EVEN AFTER ALT-TABBING. I'm so tired of the best emulator frontend having so many issues that at this point I may code my own version of Attract Mode.
  3. I've been at this for a while now. Disabling software on my computer, messing with the ram cache, uninstalling updates . . I just noticed in my testing that ALL "select" input is delayed. Entering platforms, selecting games . .its all sluggish. Animation & scrolling seems fine, but hitting "select" is not responsive. WTF is going on? There is a delay before the program realizes it. What's worse, if you continue "scrolling" after hitting select and before the program 'catches' your input, it will enter the wrong section. This is unacceptable. I love LB & Big Box but to not have this basic functionality nailed down is absurd, and the response here has been severely lacking. It appears I'm on my own
  4. 1 - I was using Beta builds but rolled back to official builds (both 8.1 and 8.0) and the problem still exists 2 - The issue exists in all themes 3 - I actually increased it, same issue 4 - VLC works fine, changing to WMP did nothing to fix the issue 5 - I reset all caches 6 - Windows is running fine. System idle process at 97% Specs again are below: 5-7500 3.40GHz 8 GB RAM GTX 1050 Ti LB is installed on an SSD
  5. Bumping this because the problem is still there. Very unresponsive to go into platform categories. Does anyone have a clue as to what is causing this delay?
  6. I'm getting lag too. The worst is going into and out of platform categories. Really sucks.
  7. Damn, that's not encouraging. Can anyone else chime in? This is really annoying.
  8. i5-7500 3.40GHz 8 GB RAM GTX 1050 Ti LB is installed on an SSD
  9. This is annoying. I like to start in Platform Categories. When I choose one, I hear the sound event for the button press (as if it registered that I'm supposed to enter the category), and then there's a 1-2 second delay - and then another sound event and I finally enter the category. What's worse, if I scroll in between the sound events, the second 'button press' will enter whatever category I landed on. For example: Scroll to Arcade, press "accept" Sound event ("click") Delay begins Scroll to another category (for example, Consoles) Second Sound Event ("click") I end up in Consoles! Anyone have a clue what is going on?
  10. For a few games (most recently Street Fighter V on Steam), Big Box has continued to play background music even while the game is running. How do I fix this? Also, in Platform categories view, when I hit a category, there's a slight delay before it "enters" the category. I hear the sound of the "click" event, then a 1 second delay, and then another sound of "click" event before it finally transitions into the category,.
  11. Just use Rocketlauncher for Steam. That was my workaround.
  12. 1 - Style the main menu (where we see options, playlists, platforms, etc.) 2 - Include a link to an external program in the main list of Platforms or Platform categories (for example "Arcade, Consoles, Kodi"
  13. Unfortunately switching to WMP gives me no video at all, even on the game menu. At this point I'm just gonna switch back to VLC and remove "view full screen" from the menu
  14. "View Full Screen Video" shows a black screen. Game snap sometimes doesn't update when selecting a new game in the list (I'll have the snap of the previous selection still there) When selecting a game, I get the game's logo on the game screen and it seems like its working - and then I select a new game and I still see the previous game's logo! Background art/videos constantly fading in and out is annoying - How can I just have one piece of background art per platform and be done with it? If I wanted an acid trip of graphics I would have gotten Hyperspin - certainly not a paid license. Why no Favorites List? We just have the option of seeing Favorites 'first' in a list - and then those games are removed from their place later in the list! So someone searching for "Sonic 2", unaware it is a favorite, cannot find it! Please, I just want a simple favorites list per platform. What's with the "Released by Company A, Company A released 14 other games bla bla . . " in most game descriptions? In all of these cases you can't even read the actual game info because this filler (that nobody cares about) takes up all real estate. Frustrating! Don't get me wrong, this is great software. I just want to get it working and spend more time enjoying games and not squashing annoying bugs or explaining to guests why the background video shows "Mario 3" in the Super Mario Bros menu.
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