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  1. No idea, but I'm almost positive I did the same thing while testing... Had it on three drives.
  2. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the best way is to install BB to a second location, i.e. Make a second installation. Then you can launch that installation separately, and test as you want.
  3. Many of us have stopped posting or given up hope, I would say. I've moved back to emulation station, myself. The latest Windows update improved performance for me for BB, but now there are even larger performance spikes every 15 seconds or so. One reason I stopped posting here is because too many people say "it must be your system because mine works fine" or others just saying there is no problem. This is niche software, so those who want it, really want it, not require it, so when it doesn't work as it should it's extremely frustrating.
  4. Sluggish BB performance. Using default theme, made other tweaks such as disabled game background images(which didnt work, unless I did it wrong somehow), changed minimum speed from 400ms to 200ms to make it snappier. A lot of times, there is an initial delay going to the next coverflow, or is begins, but then hitches for a second or two 75% of the way through the flip animation. My system specs are: OS: Win 10 x64 CPU: Intel i5 6600K @ 4.6Ghz GPU: R9 Fury X Hard Drives: 2 Samsung Evo 850 SSDs, and a WD plain drive. Tried BB on all hard drives, same result. Thanks fo
  5. Any performance improvements coming Big Box way? I had issues before, and they still linger. Reformatted system for the last time, rid of the few errors in my Event Log created by the Anniversary update. Updated drivers system wide. Fairly powerful system here: OS: Win 10 x64 CPU: Intel i5 6600K @ 4.6 Ghz GPU: AMD R9 Fury X RAM: 16 GB Hard drives: Both Samsung Evo SSDs Everything on my system flies, except Big Box. Coverflow performance is hurting with most settings on lower than should be. Any ideas or new fixes anyone else has found? Thanks in advance!
  6. As am I. Doesn't matter where it is now, even on my ssd's ... Performance goes back to slow. I'm going to wait for the next update, and see what happens. If all works(BC I'm using beta channel) I'll be happy and turn beta updates off. If it's still slow, I'll probably shelf it for 3-6 months and come back to it.
  7. I cant recall which colour it is - I literally cant bend down to look either. It's definitely 7200 ... I would never use a 5400 in a Desktop. The drive seems in good form, I run battlefield 4 off of it right now.
  8. I apologize for the late reply. All my drives on Windows are NTFS, and the particular drive I had Launchbox on was a Western Digital. I'm not sure how much the model matters, as the drive I transferred it to is the same make and model and worked perfectly. I apologize, I'd get the drive model and include it anyway, but I've badly injured my leg, and can't get down on the ground to open my case and fiddle about with the drive bay.
  9. Ok, I made some headway. I couldnt understand what was going on. I scanned the hard drive my installation of LB was on, and it was completely error free. Out of frustration, I moved the folder to another drive, and it worked great. I moved it back, and it worked fine again. I can't easily explain this one, but I'll take it. Working much better now.
  10. I'll check again later tonight, but from what you say, that would explain why it had a wrong setting.
  11. Totally agree, and I probably wasnt clear enough, which is obviously my fault. I changed the setting in the app, right where you specified, but while hunting through the config file for a perhaps special option I could change that might positively affect performance, I found in the config file, it had my defauly video play listed as Windows Media Player, which I thought was strange.
  12. No apology necessary, and thank you for acknowledging. Strangely, I have VLC set in my settings of BB, and none of the videos played before the last set of betas for me, because BB was still using WMP(I believe), but now the videos play. I went routing through some BB config files and found a video player xml tag, but it stated "Windows Media Player" as my default video player. I changed it to say "VLC", which could wrong, it could be VideoLan for all I know, but I did not see a difference. This could be one problem I'm experiencing in Platform view.
  13. Totally agree, I have all that stuff off, of course for performance but mostly for privacy. I only wish I knew of a reliable way to shut updates off and make them fully manual like they used to be. I used a registry hack, but it disabled updates permanently.
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