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  1. Hi, I am having trouble adding some DOS games to Launchbox from eXoDOS 2.0, a downloadable collection of DOS games. First, I downloaded eXoDOS 2.0. The games come zipped, so I unzipped a few or my favorites and placed them in a folder. I opened LaunchBox, clicked Tools > Import > MS-DOS Games. This opened the Import MS-DOS Games Wizard. I added the folder with the games I unzipped. I clicked Next, then Use the files in their current location. LaunchBox parsed the files and said the games are ready to import. But two of the games are not listed and do not import. These are: Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (1995) Whale's Voyage (1993) I do not see an option in the Import Wizard to add the missing games. Below I am adding screenshots of the Wizard so you can see Whale's Voyage and Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (1995) are missing. I am also adding images of the files in the unzipped folders for Star Wars and Whale's Voyage. I think the cause may be that the files are not in .exe or .bat format like the other games that imported. Is there a way to import the missing games through the Wizard or individually? Thanks.
  2. Hi, When I click on a game, the background usually changes to an image related to that game. Is there a way to toggle this feature on and off? Is there a way to edit the background image associated with a game (add, remove, change, etc.)? Thanks.
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