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  1. MS-DOS or Windows GameDB entry

    Fair enough. I'm sure there is some backend or launchbox integration issues that mean it is not as simple as adding another platform and labling the different screenshots ect. It just feels weird from a browsing perspective seeing some games that are for all intensive purposes identical being duplicated so many times.
  2. MS-DOS or Windows GameDB entry

    So I have an issue with the DOS vs Windows thing.. Should this not just be "PC"? We are creating many duplicates in the databases for Dos versions and Windows versions of the same game. Many games in the crossover period had dos and windows version in the same box, identical game. Even if you did have to buy separate version, the game was still the same. So my main point is, why don't we save a lot of hassle and simple combine these into PC? Alternatively.. Allow multiple systems to be specified in the Platform section where games are identical. for example, most sierra titles were identical on Dos, Windows, Amiga and Atari (and to a lesser extend Mac). I can see an argument for separating the Megadrive and Snes versions of games, they often looked, felt and sounded different. But between the computers of the age, a lot of titles were as I said, identical. Food for thought.. but I think it will really help the database, peoples collections and cut down on a lot of duplication. Cheers guys.
  3. Sounds like a good idea Vlansix. Cheers.
  4. Hey Enverex, I understand its a group effort and adding the details after is how I have been doing it so far. I am just trying to streamline the process a little so it can be done in one step rather than multiple is all. Have been adding games to the database as well where I can, like I say, I love being able to help Launchbox and the community any way I can. No harm in making it a little easier With addons now allowing the uploading of missing games direct from program, I suspect the amount of moderation needed has massively jumped in the last month, so anything that helps keep this in check must be a good thing?
  5. Hi All, Thanks for asking me to be a Moderator, love being able to help the community and help Launchbox. I have found one frustration though.. Most of the submissions I am approving lack any real detail other than name of game + box picture in most cases. This is fine, I understand most people just want their games showing up correctly in Launchbox. My issue here is that I am in most cases happy to dig a little deeper and add the wiki links, Publish, Description, Year etc.. the things that really make the database worthwhile, but there is no way to easily edit any of the moderation I do, without having to submit these changes also for moderation. Which means of course I am having to search for the game I have just approved and then adding these details in, thus also adding to someone else's moderation workload. So in short, is there a way to add an extra approve button like "approve with edits"? I think this will make moderation a lot easier for perfectionists like me Thanks M