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  1. I absolutely LOVE this theme for my arcade-only 4:3 CRT cab. One question though, as I'm a bit of a noob on this stuff. I love the view with the logos in the vertical wheel on the left and the big video playing of the game in the main area. Is there a way for me to customize this so that underneath, I can list Game Details? Specifically, I like to see the play count and last played as an example. Maybe there is a way to set this in options but if so I couldn't find it. Thank you again for creating such an awesome theme!!
  2. Makes sense! I'm using your awesome theme as-is to run my X-Arcade setup on a 4:3 CRT. I haven't mastered the nuances yet (trying to find a nice playlist view that works for the setup I created) but will happily wait for your next version and then optimize that instead. Thanks again for the hard work!
  3. Once again, this looks awesome!!! Any idea when it might be available to download? Really appreciate your hard work on making Big Box themes better and better for all of us. Quite decent of you
  4. Hi - thank you very much for this help! Unfortunately, it is not working for me in Windows 10 (I heard that may be a compatibility issue). Any updates or ideas? I followed your (very simple, thank you) instructions by adding FP.exe into my root folder where Future Pinball.exe is located. But it still opens up Future Pinball without loading the table. Thanks again for any further help...
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