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  1. Sorry to waste your time! I was really sure that there was no path configurations on Dolphin . Thanks a lot! I'm still having some difficulties to understand how set the path not only for one specific GameCube MemCard, like USA Mem Card, but also the European and Japanese Mem card as well. But don't worry, now I just need to try until it works. Thanks again for answering.
  2. Hey guys, I have a PS4 controller and a Gamecube controller. I like to play Dolphin with the Gamecube controller, but once it's wired sometimes I give up to play to avoid the chance to fall, hit my head, and die when connecting the cable (or just to avoid fatigue). So I like to play with the wireless PS4 controller sometimes as well. For now I have two separated folders for dolphin (using the portable.txt) and I have 2 emulators set on Launchbox, each one with one config for controller. The problem is: I couldn't figure out how to merge the save files. Does anyone knows any other way that can I have 2 controller settings for dolphin and use on Launchbox/BB quickly?
  3. Hey guys, I would like to support this request. I understand that you can have a bluetooth keyboard, but the thing about this request is to make it much more practical. Just as an example, on Dreamcast is a nightmare... Some games run great on Demul and others on Reicast (and I also have a duplicated Demul with different settings). Obviously we just find out about it in-game. Now that we can try different emulators directly on BigBox, have an option to "make this emulator default for this game" would be amazing and makes life easier when the plataform doesn't have a stable and unique emulator. I hope more people support this idea!. Thanks you all!
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