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  1. That is so helpful! Thanks for takibg the time to respond. I will give that a try this week for my NES core
  2. Thanks! That was really helpful. I was able to change the Retroarch.config file & the joystick works now do you know the proper process for saving a config file in Retroarch for each core? Not sure if I have to change autosave settings Not sure how they would be named for each individual core, or how to tell them apart. I assume retroarch knows to load the proper config file when a core is loaded?
  3. Where is the config file located? Went into Retroarch config folder, but didn’t see anything there. I guess I have to save a core specific config first, then edit in notepad++ not sure how to create that, or where to put the config file so it launches when the core is loaded.
  4. This issues has been driving me nuts for weeks. I can’t seem to figure it out. I’m trying to configure Retroarch for the first time. I want to use it to emulate NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, etc on my Arcade. The arcade has an Xtension 2 player control panel, configured for keyboard inputs. Works just fine with MAME games & the standalone MAME emulator. But I’m just focusing on NES & Retroarch for now. This should be simple, since I just need to enter control inputs for up, down, left, right, A, B, Start & Select. I just can’t figure out Retroarch. I’ll load the N
  5. I'm sorry for hitting you with all these questions, but it worked! Thank you i was able to change the devices to mouse, loaded up crystal castles & the trackball worked. Even figured out how to adjust the sensitivity settings. The game image is zoomed a bit compared to Retroarch, so I'll have to look into display settings. However my mind was just blown! I set the highscore on Crystal Castles, then closed everything & restarted computer to verify. When I relaunched, I noticed my high score for Crystal Castles was saved! So does The standalone MAME Emulator save
  6. I see device mapping under the configure options. I see all the devices are set to keyboard, except for mouse, which is set to mouse. so if I change trackball & paddle to mouse, will that solve it? How will it determine between my actual mouse & the trackball?
  7. Unrelated side question: I was having trouble running games requiring CHD files. I have the split roms & merged chds in separate folders. Where should I put the chds? In the split rom folder?
  8. Ah ok. Got it. So where are the trackball & spinner settings?
  9. Well this is a mess. I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't know how to setup the standalone MAME Emulator. Can't find the Roms to launch a game.
  10. Wait first I'd have to go to tools, manage emulators, then add to setup the standalone MAME64 Emulator. Under the associated platforms tab, do I have to enter a default line parameter? Like -L "mame.libretro.dll" ??? im very worried I'm going to change the Emulator settings for all MAME game to standalone and screw up and the configurations I've done in game already.
  11. Hmmm well you are correct, when I hit esc RA will close. So how do I get to the UI? I'm assuming you mean User Interface. You're also saying the changes won't stick, so am I correct in assuming that the trackball/spinner issue is related to RA. So on these trackball & spinner games, you're saying use the standalone MAME Emulator. I guess I can do that, as I have it downloaded, but I'm unfamiliar with it. How would you change trackball/spinner settings in standalone? first I'd have to RT click on game in launchbox, then edit, then under emulation tab change to MAME64?
  12. This is the only INI file in the system/MAME/ini folder, and I see no line that I change mouse from 0 to 1
  13. No help guys?? Could really use some. Not really understanding what I'm researching. Ive read I should change mouse setting from 0 to 1 in my INI file, but I can't located that in my retroarch folders. Ive also read there is no INI file for Retroarch MAME 0.188 core, so I'm not sure how to add a second mouse. Ive looked into the Retroarch Input User Binds, and see that there is a setting for "mouse index" that is set to 0 by default. But that can be changed to any number, and I tried 1 and nothing happened. And of course I went into a game's individual controller settin
  14. So I'm learning how to setup the controls in MAME for my arcade cabinet, specifically for games like Crystal Castles, Tempest, Tron, etc that use the trackball & spinner. I'm using an xtension control panel, with 2 usb connections, one is for the sticks/buttons & the other is for the trackball/spinner. The problem is that the trackball & spinner only move the mouse cursor on the screen. They have no control effect in game. I'm running Retroarch 1.6.3 and I can see all the possible input configuration options. I'm not sure what options to change though (paddle analo
  15. I understand how to change the emulator to the stand alone & pick the allocation path, but what about the associated platform tab & the dll file? im playing around with the tab key & individual config for each game now while using retroarch, but The games aren't recognizing my trackball (on say crystal castles) or spinner (on tempest). All those control do is move the mouse cursor around. This is my control panel layout, if it helps I don't mind the difficulties I'm running into, it's just frustrating when you have little background in programming, and you hav
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