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  1. You can't calibrate sadly as it's a virtual pad Touchmote has created, that axis is for the right stick but oddly enough even if you have the wii remotes pointer designated to the right stick, while you're moving it around that axis doesn't move. As an aside, what is even more strange is, even with touchmote not running if you enable the option you told me about earlier in LB (use Z axis to scroll) I can replicate this issue with no pad being used, menus scroll downward erratically in LB. I think the virtual pad touchmote installs messes with LB's controller feature (which of course is only activated when you buy big box). I think the easiest way to completely get round this issue for me I've come to realise is to turn off controller support in LB/BB and then use an app like "Xpadder" with a pad to navigate LB/BB menu's instead using keyboard keys mapped to the pad.
  2. OK sorry to spam, but I just found what the issue is. If you select the properties of the 360 pad touch mote creates, the x axis/y axis box shows the cursor at the bottom left hand corner. LB/BB is picking this up regardless of if you set it to use a specific controller. That's where the scrolling down is coming from. See attachment for screen grab showing the axis in properties. Now it's just how to override/negate that axis...* *Just to confirm the wii remote isn't controlling that axis stated in the box and the cursor doesn't change from bottom left no matter where you move the remote to.
  3. I'll just confirm, I've quickly tried touchmote with every usb device off except the dolphin bar, mouse & keyboard turned on, and the continuous scrolling down issue persists. You can power down the wii remote, and scrolling continues regardless until you shut touchmote down. So definitely need a way to terminate touchmote once Mame shuts down. No idea why my system doesn't like LB/BB and touchmote with controllers turned on in the options. Very odd, but I have had random problems before.
  4. Hmm, ok so say as an example when Mame opens touchmote would kick in, but the moment I shutdown the Mame game back to launchbox it terminates its self? Sounds perfect for this problem actually. Do you have a rough guide on sorting that in touchmote so i'm not fumbling around in it so much getting that in place?
  5. Hmm I have my xbox1 pad there. I can easily unplug that, but I like controlling bigbox with a pad. So I wonder if using my neogeo stick, or a genesis pad via Mayflash adaptor as the main controller would negate this issue. Working at the moment but i'll try without the xbox1 pad and see how I get on. Appreciate that Spacorn cheers!
  6. Ok just had a look at this and "use Z axis (triggers) to scroll" wasn't turned on in the first place. So back to square one
  7. Excellent cheers will do! Sadly pal no. The Mayflash Dolphin bar only connects to legit controllers. Tried and tested myself.
  8. I have Touchmote working great in Mame, but I've ran into an odd issue with BigBox. My big box/Launch box is not happy working with Touchmote with the virtual x360 drivers. For some odd reason the moment a wii remote is paired, no matter the touchmote profile for the wii remote, it's as if a analogue stick has been stuck in a downward position, and in launch box and it continually scrolls through menus none stop. The only way I can get that to stop is by killing touchmote. If I disable controller use in Launch/bigbox and just use a keyboard/mouse for navigation it's fine, but the moment I select use controller (not all controllers just a designated one, which isn't a 360 pad) the issue is back. Has anyone encountered this issue? Here's a video of the issue happening in real time. Notice the menu's after I open touchmote? Again i'm not scrolling that no idea what it is.
  9. I was using Mame good few months back with four wireless xbox 360 pads for parties etc. The button configs would continually clear themselves at random times. Sometimes after a pad went to sleep or when Mame was re-started. This is also using Mame ui. I would have to re enter the buttons all back in via the tab menu in game on the fly when it happened. Occasionally it wouldn't recognise the pad at all, and Mame had to be completely re-started once again. In the finish I moved to four wired Xbox one pads and the settings were solid then and never changed. I'm back on Mame now using a single Xbox one pad with zero issue. Wired pads are a pain with wires trailing about I know but it seems to be the best option. As the X 1 wired pad works better than wireless, a wired 360 pad I presume would give the same result.
  10. Well that's what it took. It's the only factor I changed from earlier. The only reason everything wasn't deleted was I went out for a bit. Come home tried that, there we have it.
  11. Ok I've fixed it. A friend mentioned something to me and I checked it out. This again may just be my machine, but here is what I found to be the issue: The ini file on my machine for Mame is not recognised properly by LB in the Mame ini folder. I had to copy the ini file from the ini folder, and paste it in the main Mame directory. Once I did that LB launched the roms and the custom settings for Mame for screen size etc and clip art on screen all worked. It's like a trick question, simple when you think about it, but not readily obvious this would be an issue. So if anyone has any issues in future, ask them to ensure the main Mame directory has an ini file for LB to latch onto, and not have it just sat in it's own folder.
  12. I had read that on another thread and ensured I did a fresh install of the Nvidia driver (I'm on a 1080 ti) and direct x. I don't think it's Mame per say as i've tried the most recent builds UI and basic. Anyway I'm nuking LB for now. I'll try a later build of LB and Mame few weeks down the line for my personal use and see how I get on.
  13. As you all have confirmed, this is most probably an issue outside of LB. If LB is mostly a chain of paths and shortcuts then windows is the middle man here and that's the issue. So a windows update gone wayward somewhere (which may or may not happen all the time) will be hard to pin down. I'm not in the position to do a ground zero of my OS as I use this for my business as well as gaming. It's a rig that's cost me a few grand to build so it's where I work as well as my media centre. So in sum you would need someone with my issue (which may/may not be hard to find) who is prepared to do a windows re-install. I'm not waiting for a solution from you guys, so don't worry. Just ensure this post doesn't disappear.
  14. As requested. I'm not sure there's much more we can do at this point.
  15. Can I just ask keeganx if you can now run your Mame games in LB, or are you still having issues?
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