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  1. Hi, can anyone help me set up an instance for Kronos for st-v emulation in launchbox? i do not want to use retroarch core because it has several glitches that makes most of the games unplayable also because it is not the latest version (2.1.3) also the games that run in kronos as a stand alone emulator run like a charm i.e Radiant Silver gun, Groove on fight, and specially Virtua Fighter Remix and Virtua Fighter kids, which to be honest is the only emulator i have found to run them nearly perfect, any help would be much apreciated.
  2. Thank You Very much Lordmonkus, i'll give my best to make great contributions.
  3. Hi, i'm new to the launchbox community but not to the program itself since i've been using it almost two years from now, i want to make contributions to the databases and i'm asking very politely of course, on how's the best way to do it, i already marked for delete some repeated roms in the snes DB and also have some more to add and artbox i have made myself,, thanks and keep making launchbox the very BEST launcher, gui, renamer, sorter, community, database and averything it is in the whole universe, cheers.
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