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  1. OK, make sense, thanks for the help
  2. OK I found it, to be more specific it is in Tools>Options>legacy>Images>sreenshot Priorites. Isn't there any way to do this in BigBox? Cheers
  3. Problem of my life ! I personally put them in both categories.
  4. Is there a way to choose between the title image and screenshot . Either in bigbox or launchbox, the title screen is the first picture dispayed, and I would rather have de snap one? How can I fix this?
  5. Oh ok, that's what I did, but I was looking at the "windows" list and that one is named "PC games" now, tilt. thanks for the step by step explaination, got to fine tune my lists names. ;D and I guess the clear logos replaces the folders in "addons" right?
  6. I'm sorry but I don't understand how to use the addons. It creates an addon folder but the view doesn't use the new files, should I change an option somwhere to point to the new folders? I don't get it...
  7. I have created auto nested playliist for my systems, but now my playlist view is cluttered with all of them, that make the browsing in bigbox a pain in the butt, is there a way to have only my personnal playlist in playlist mode and nested playlist in platform category mode? or something around those lines? or even better, nested playlists in playlist mode, the fact that they are deplyed is messy and ruin the flow. (hopei'm clear :))
  8. I really would like fades and bezels myself, I'm using them with RL on all my 100+ systems, the artwork retroHumanoid has done make the whole experience slick and professionnal. If LB could do the job without RL, that would be great. I would still need RL for unzipping files I guess, but that's beside the topic.. And Pause menu could be great too, so that it does use the same files as LB and not having the manuals etc twice, once in LB and once in RL Work well Jason, as allways
  9. Hi, I I'm trying to launch my amiga games via LB and rocket launcher with the uuid technique, (thanks for the app btw), and I'm wondering if there is a way to use rocketlauncher, what settings in RL should I change to make it work? it doesn't seem to like the fact that the uuid files have no file extensions and are in seperate folders. did someone manage to make it work?
  10. problem is fixed, emumovies is responding again, and it's quicker than before . yaay!
  11. It's weird, videos do download OK, but the artwork do a 404 error. I really hope this will be sorted soon, as I'm doing my C64 collection and there is a ton of games that have no entry in the LB datavase, but have artwork on emumovies.
  12. not even in edit mode it doesn't download from emumovies (error 404)
  13. it looks like they are moving their FTP srver up at emumovies. I have this issue too, i hope it will get resolved on their side, but maybe the adress isn't the same any more....
  14. I'm just pointing the issues I have right now, I'm not complaining hoping they get fix, and the "go back on top of the first list after delete" exist since beta 1
  15. Hi Jason, I have some issues with LB next: - I'm trying to sort my main playlist I've created, and I'm editing it by deleting the games I don't want in it. 1; there is now way to go easely siomewhere in the list neither by pressing the firsqt letter, or by searching in the search bow where I was, because, then I select the game by clicking on it, then removes the search to get back to the complete list, and beforte I could move the cursor keys to display the next one taht i selected, now it goes back on top of the list. 2. when deleting an entry, previously, once deleted, it selected the previous entry in the list, now, it goes back on top of the list and changes the playlist to the first one so I have to select again terh one i was working on, the find back where i was by scrolling throw. This completly waste my time every time i delete something. Worked very fine before. 3. there is now way to go back to launbox oldshool, need to close the LBnext and launch LB normal . I really hope you won't discard the old version it is way more mature and usable. LBnext is not friendly user when it comes to editing, finding or deleting entries.
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