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  1. Hello, any news about sorting by release date with newer games on top?
  2. My screenshot show one error, but i actually get that error that all games until i close launchbox. Here it is: { "title": "Fallout 2 Classic", "backgroundImage": "//images-1.gog.com/2405d078c16fc6b25414d2f08725596b955f5ca899ae30f317de7269dfefa22b", "cdKey": "", "textInformation": "", "downloads": [ [ "English", { "windows": [ { "manualUrl": "/downloads/fallout_2_classic/en1installer0", "downloaderUrl": "gogdownloader://fallout_2_classic/installer_win_en", "name": "Fallout 2 Classic", "version"
  3. Thank you for this plugin. Now that the launchbox next became the default launchbox, are you planning to make this compatible?
  4. Hello Here is a list of things (probably not "small", i'm not a programmer) in list view. -Being able to see a small image or a steam banner in list view (maybe one game could use 2 rows to make banner a bit bigger and having more infos without having to scroll to the right). -Being able to add custom tags (like setting: scifi, modern...), not only on the right tab with the description, but as a column, and be able to search for this tag. and to search using multiple tags as well (maybe using the right description tab as something to have some checkboxes). -For steam import
  5. Hello, I started to use launchbox a few days ago and like it a lot so far but i'm wondering a few things. - Star rating Would it be possible without programming knowledge to not use stars to rate game, but simply a number (1-10) , If i do some crappy stuff myself, would it hard for me to use it in launchbox? - It is great that lauchnbox use its one games database, but there is one thing that bother me, maybe there is a way to do it i'm not aware about. I imported the no intro sega megadrive set, and noticed that it changed the title name to match the database (e
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