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  1. jajaja understandable ! i feel like this tool would make it 1000x easier to create themes & stuff..
  2. aye i haven't messed around with the new views yet. or are you suggesting the views in terms of the PSD for the designs ?
  3. is this something we can download ?? the Theme Editor ?
  4. this theme is amazing !! any plans on making a List Text View for the games ?
  5. Sound great !! aye if you need me to design Icons & Such im ya mans ! Ill gladly add on to whatever you need in terms of art design.. Any possible way you could show me or us a preview maybe that could help to design the Icons & such ?
  6. Its looking great !! Ill be working on the Icons / Images for you today expect some private messages throughout the day
  7. AWESOME !! I'll begin to finish the artwork for all the other consoles and ill send them to you in a Private Message so you can include them within the package !
  8. the highlighting part ill try to start looking into it tonight for teh WallGamesView and for the Image file Instead of Video PLEEEAASSEEE Would be great if you could send me a version like that.
  9. @bbweiners a lil demo of how im doing the Images 1 issue i have been running into is this, the logo giant logo popping up...
  10. YESSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There you Go !! Is there any possible chance instead of showing the video or gameplay image it could show the coverart instead ??? Well if anything i guess once you have it done i would just switch the coding to that for my own personal preference.. But yess this is exactly what i was talking about ! and its coming out Fantastic !! Something just to add.. i remember i did it once and i completely forgot the coding for it but.. you can do something where each game you select is highlighted or something. Just so people know what game they are about to select.. Other than this is looking fantastic ! Great job
  11. this is dope !! when you plan on releasing it ?? im def loving this
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