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  1. Cookz718

    New Box View Navigation Test

    This image alone just calmed down my anxiety
  2. Cookz718

    New Box View Navigation Test

    hahaha damn, well enjoy your vacation ! hopefully when you come back you can release it ! dying to add it to the current theme im using (which is your Switch Theme)
  3. Cookz718

    New Box View Navigation Test

    how's it coming along ? can't wait till you release this !
  4. Cookz718

    New Box View Navigation Test

    this is looking amazing !!!.... Release Date ? lol
  5. Cookz718

    Switch Theme

    **UPDATE** here's what i was able to come up with so far
  6. Cookz718

    Switch Theme

    ahh i see.. i mean a very basic wall view would be good enough ill try to see if i can come up with something of course in all respect to your craft.. just i really like the wallview style
  7. Cookz718

    Switch Theme

    any plans on doing a Wallview for this ??
  8. Cookz718

    Steam Theme?

    i would just change the cover to Squares (like PS1 / Dreamcast Cases)
  9. Cookz718

    Steam Theme?

    im not a super pro at that lol but i guess i may give that a shot
  10. Cookz718

    Steam Theme?

    i personally love this theme, only issue are the colors =/ not a fan of Orange / Yellow and the fonts.. if those could be change it would be perfect !!
  11. Cookz718

    Theme XAML Request/Idea

    Ahh i see exactly what you mean even being centered would still look good but i can see what you mean how it would sacrifice the authenticity of the theme. although its still worth a shot maybe the rest of the community like myself would still enjoy it for what it is. But of course this is your work of art and im sure you want this to be the best as possible, so hopefully there would be a solution around.. Any thoughts on supporting Wallview ?
  12. Cookz718

    Theme XAML Request/Idea

    any updates on the ps4 theme ?? would love to see that one
  13. Cookz718

    Adding Gameplay Screenshots

    So im currently trying to put a Theme together inspired by Modernist. But im having some issues in trying to include Screenshots from Gameplay.. Also i want to put a gradient background or like a fixed background that i made from photoshop to be in the background that way the background doesn't constantly change every time i click on to a different game. (Yes i am a total newb at this). Would be nice if someone can explain to me what can and how can i do plz (Note: The 2nd Image with the Orange background is how i currently have it at the moment)
  14. Cookz718


    can this be updated to support wallview please
  15. Cookz718

    Yet another Bezel project

    can anyone tell me how to add bezels ?? struggling over here.