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  1. Cookz718

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    any release date ? this looks amazing !
  2. Cookz718


    @Grila never mind ! Got it !! my mistake was i kept saving it in the BigBox Theme jajajaja. Thanks mate !
  3. Cookz718


    yeah.. not popping up... am i suppose to save the file in a specific ffolder ?
  4. Cookz718


    how can i apply the theme ? i seem to have an issue trying to apply the theme on LaunchBox.Next .. anyone can give me a quick run down ? @Jason Carr @Grila ???
  5. Cookz718


    @Grila wait so we have to update it and then we can use it ?
  6. Cookz718

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    @Grila looks great !! can't wait !!
  7. Cookz718


    having 1 issue.. The Fonts are coming out Too small.. How can i fix that ? (im using this on a 4K monitor BTW)
  8. Cookz718

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    Understood i also live here in the USA.. Labor Day Weekend gets wild where i live lol
  9. Cookz718

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    when will this be available ? this is amazing !
  10. thats what i did.. first LaunchBox didn't even want to boot up.. but once i did that everything ran back to normal with LaunchBox and LaunchBox.Next .. But now BigBox is the one giving me issues. It'll start up and then in the middle of starting up it'll freeze
  11. well idk about ya'll but ever since i downloaded this beta version i've been having Major Issue... now BigBox keeps crashing. I sometimes have to fight with my PC to start up launchbox mind you i have a high-end PC.. this shouldn't be happening
  12. Cookz718

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    welp all im saying is... i can't wait till i can download this !!! super pumped
  13. how do i update Launchbox.Next ?
  14. Cookz718

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    super sad face !! well... i still enjoy everything you put out tho so its a win either way lol
  15. Cookz718

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    looks nice ! man i wish you could've really made something for the Wallview Theme