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  1. Hi all, this may be more complex than a n00b question, however I wanted to post it here first as it is the first time I've asked anything on the forum (and, literally, I am a n00b to Big Box) So I finally splashed out on LB Premium, and have been impressed with how it runs (nearly!) all of my roms flawlessly, from PCSX2, to Dolphin all the way to SNES and Master System roms through RetroArch. However, I can't get any ps1 games to boot... The second I select it, the screen goes black like it is about to load, then it returns me back to BB. When I alt+tab, retroarch is indeed there, but the second I switch to it I hear the start of the PS1 boot tune then it freezes, and a window pops up saying it has stopped responding... end process etc. etc. I can get it to work fine when loading retroarch on its own... Also I can boot up any other Retroarch system through Big Box without issue. Currently, I'm running BB as a shortcut from Steam Big Picture so I can use the Steam Controller, then booting the games from there. That probably makes it more complex then I need it too, however it's the only way I can use the Steam Controller (therefore I need to use the Steam overlay as well... Which works fine in Retroarch... And seems to work fine with BB too...) Mostly I'm hoping it's something stupidly simple I've missed, another reason I've posted it here!... EDIT: Retroarch NEEDS to be in borderless fullscreen mode, in the video driver settings. Figured it out while looking for more info on using Steam Controller with Big Box... Changed thread title and added solution for anyone else as dumb as me
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