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  1. Ideally for me its integrated in a way that requires no fiddling around with as it needs to be simple for a front end. Basically how a console would work with achievement unlocked notifications and a integrated menu to view achievements but then if need be can be accessed online via LB or web browser.
  2. @massatomic Yeah for sure. Only thing I thought was funny is that I wrote in the reason box for it so Im thinking maybe some don't read the reasons and just +1 stuff. But yeah everyone makes mistakes.
  3. I've been going through the SNES DB and making contributions where I can and fixing things I am 110% sure on while building my collection. However I added an alternative name for the SNES game Smart Ball. After submitting it I realized the name was not correct and not knowing how to retract the submission I put in another one saying that that submission and the previous one should be rejected... And now they both have +2 for approval lol. Maybe if there already isn't, add a retract submission option in the change status page for your account, before they are implemented. Peace.
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