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  1. Then we are practically neighbors. Just outside of Hamburg, maybe 30 km.
  2. Hello there, Has anyone tried to import Bluemaxima's Flashpoint collection into LaunchBox yet and would like to share the method? I am still trying to figure out how Flashpoint works. Haven't had a lot of success. 😅
  3. Close 120,000 with overall 146 systems, though I have some doubles and I count Steam, Uplay, Origin and GOG as separate platforms, which means a few more doubles. 26 of the platforms have at least one screenshot and/or cover missing, the rest has at least a single picture associated with each game. I'll add Origin, Switch and XBox One next with the latter two being just dummies which point to my gaming rack as I won't emulate any of them soon.
  4. Just wanted to give you a heads-up that I imported 126 new games that all updated in a matter of seconds. No problems.
  5. Thanks, that's awesome. Can't wait to test it.
  6. Looks fantastic. Any chance on a tutorial of some sort?
  7. New Update? Can't wait to test it. I have now updated all of my games with your plugin. Works like a charm. I still have 267 missing but they must have been removed from the store which might be the reason. But I can update those by hand. Thank you so much for this plugin. 👍
  8. I had the best experiences with 8 - 10 games per scraping process. But I also tried up to 250 games with most of them getting updated. If you want to update games with missing metadata, go into list view and sort by publisher or developer making it easier to see which you still have to update. After you update, you can also scroll them out of sight and scroll back to them. That way you can quickly see how many were updated (still in list view).
  9. I am not sure if this would help or how complicated this would be, but couldn't we have a sort of developers and publishers threshold that would only generate playlists for developers or publishers with more games than the threshold demands or something like this for the top 25 publishers / developers? All other games could then be summed up in a 'various' playlist. This way it would be manageable to auto-generate these playlists without sacrificing the performance. On the other hand, this could be of course achieved by creating playlists and auto-populate them.
  10. Just returned from a trip. Awesome progress on the plugin. Wouldn't it be possible to change the name of the screenshots to the Steam ID which is the filesname in LB? LB should then accept the screenshots no matter what. It's not the cleanest solution, in terms of the naming of the screenshots but it would be a workaround. I checked it with a game and it seemed to work. 😊
  11. I think that it might not be a problem with the plugin but with the Steam website. I updated a lot of games one by one and the scraped information would suddenly stop. Maybe that will happen from time to time when updating a lot of games.
  12. Seems to work great. I had a problem with the game A Detective's Novel (503820). The plugin won't download any metadata for this game. I have to check if there are others like it. But this is the greatest plugin. I selected quite a few games (maybe 50) and they all were updated in seconds. I can't imagine how long that would have taken me to do it manually. You got a Steam wishlist? I got lots of doubles and would like you to have some. 😊
  13. Thanks, would be awesome if you could take a look. I know it's insane. You should see my backlog of games I still have to play someday. 😅
  14. I love this plugin, one of the few I use on a daily basis. Would it be possible for the plugin to check if the game's SteamID is present as the file name? The Astonishing Game has the ID 583190. The plugin could just add store.steampowered.com/app/ and the ID to automate the process. If the game wasn't imported by the Steam import through LB, it then could just ask for the URL as it does now. I have 6500+ games I have to update manually because most games are not in the LB database while the data is right there on the Steam website and while your plugin is awesome, I think it could be even better if you added this feature.
  15. I was going to recommend the same thing. Nice looking cover.
  16. Favourably with an automated process but if that is not working out, I do it the hard way. Screenshot after screenshot after screenshot.
  17. Interesting, though I am wondering if the files will remain on archive.org forever. Infinity downloads the files as you start the game and when the files are taken down, the game is gone. On the other hand, this is gold for everyone with limited space. Oh, and I know about the standalone Flashpoint as an option. Will be checking out both.
  18. Thanks, I know of lightshot. I always try to find a way to do this with scripts or a batch file of some sort. There are so many Flash games out there and to do screenshots for all of them manually, would be too much work.
  19. Thanks for the tutorial. I am been doing some research on how to generate screenshots of the title screens. Didn't have much success yet but there seems to be a way with a tool called swfrenderer. Maybe we could get this to work to add at least some screenshots.
  20. Well, a complete install of my Steam account would probably fill that 8tb. The last time I checked I was a 11tb. 😁😅
  21. Still looking around for this collection. No luck yet, but I am not going to quit. 😅
  22. Love the second from the left. The confused look is just genius. 😂
  23. Glad to hear you're still around. The flash games would be enough for me. Switch emulation is too advanced for me. 😅
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