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  1. Hi. I've been buy with other projects lately, so sorry for little action from my end. Lately i've been handing out my flash library to those who wants. I still have these files, and will for quite a while. Total flash games in collection: 593000 I do believe that this is one of the largest available Also, i'm currently grabbing the full Nintendo Switch Library with roughly 1400 titles
  2. As "My" flash game library seems to be of interest, i'm currently zipping it into chunks based on site they came from. Hopefully this will make it much easier for folks to grab. Contact me through PM if you want access
  3. @Dan Happy to share. My 12TB NAS for ROMs and Games are soon full. Nintendo Switch, Flash, and other newer systems are "taking their toll" on my space. Maybe i'll need to expand even more.
  4. Someone sent it in a direct message, Somewhere. But not here it seems and i can't find it in discord either.
  5. Hi all Nice to see that you're requesting some kind of sign of life. Truth is that i have lately been to busy with a major reorganization at work combined with two projects in the Asia-Pacific area that needed some intensive planning As a result of planning for vacation in the same time, i got myself a Nintendo Switch, and have been following the scene closely to grab as many ROMs possible for this platform. even though they are not playable on a PC yet. I've tried many of them on the switch, and i'm having a blast. Currently got 186 ROMs, and if anyone would like an user to my
  6. Yeah. that was the setup i had as well. But images alone has now grown to crazy sizes, so i'll need a faster and larger disk in order to store it locally :p
  7. Hi all There has been no progress the past week. Haven't had much time to play around, and i've decided to move the entire collection to a NAS drive for now. This may have been a bad move, as things are very sluggish. I may move them back when i get my new 1TB SSD, but i'll update you. I will now start replacing Some of my systems ROMs with the most recent No-Intro set. To get a cleaner list
  8. A small update. Been a busy weekend, with too much good weather to be playing too much with this. Still gotten quite a few systems to run properly now Also added the last ExoDOS Simulation games. and a few new systems
  9. I only use LBs integrated scan for Metadata and Media. But it seems to pick up new artwork everytime. no matter how many times i run it. But i constantly get errors though. between 4 and 5000 errors
  10. Haven't been able to do so much work today. Mostly downloading and placing some missing systems Also did the nightly "scan for artwork" as always
  11. I were stupid enough to look at Danes list, and boom, 11 new systems in my list Got most downloaded and added. but still some to go Also many tips on emulators to try out for my none working ones too thanks a lot
  12. I had the same "problem" But actually, it did get on eventually. Can't remember exactly how long i had to wait though. but not that much. Also. Thanks for fixing the "show amount of games" in LB.Next
  13. Just keep em coming:) I have gone through your list, and found you've gotten many systems to run, that i haven't yet. Thanks for the list. Hopefully this will make my setup even more complete. I also added some of the new systems in your list. I've decided to merge NEC PC-9801 and NEC PC9821 into one, Same with 8801 and 88VA and Sharp X1 Turbo and Sharp X1 I do think that in the end, i'll hope to have 250-300 fully working systems.
  14. Hi. I've been scarping for additional media the past couple of days, and i've seen that if i scan lets say 2.000 games for artwork/metadata, it can find many missing artwork and download these properly and with no errors listed I would assume that if i run it again right after, it wouldn't find any, but no. It finds many new artwork and downloads quite alot. And this can happen over and over again. I do not change any settings in regards of which images to download in between
  15. I've added these properly in the "request feature" section on Bitbucket Please let med know if you want to test "performance" on large libraries.
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