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  1. Thanks for the reply. I seen people use programs like joy2key. Is there a way that a program like that could load when the game loads... And close when the game closes.. Because I fear the Joy2key program will conflict with launchbox and maybe other emulators... Like pressing down will double up the input.
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you gave got the taito game Samurai Shodown - Edge of Destiny to work and remap the control's. Im currently just loading it through launchbox using a bat file. So no external emulator or program. Side question is there a decent emulator running tatio games that I can easily remap buttons and use through launchbox. Cheers
  3. That's a good idea. Well as long as I can back the folder up on my main computer I won't mind in the hdd fails. Haha safety first. Cheers again
  4. SOLVED It was corrupt files making my launchbox not work. I looked on google and found a YouTube video of a guy using cmd prompt to scan for corrupt files on his hdd. He uses cmd prompt and inputs the command.... "chkdsk /f /D:" (the D is for D drive so for anyone wanted to scan a different drive just replace the D with what ever drive you want to scan) What it did after you input the command it scanned and fixed all corrupted files. (just make sure you don't have windows or tabs from that drive open while your scanning) Thanks again ckp. Without you I probably wouldn't of solved this so easily.
  5. Thank you very much for all the info. When I get home from work I'll give it a whirl. But yes because I have deleted the images folder, I now dont have any box art or anything like that. But yeah I'll make new folders and try and copy the images back in.. Maybe I can find a program that can scan my folder for corrupted files. Thanks again, I'll let you know how I go.
  6. Yes I believe there was errors where a folder couldn't be located like images\Sega genesis\front box.. Saying it could be due to a corrupted drive. Anyway So I found the folder and just deleted it to solve the conflict. Then I went to load it again and then a different images folder had the same error. So I just moved the whole images folder away and now it works. But I'm just concerned that other files could be corrupted that I don't know.
  7. Hi guys, I have a problem where I wanted to transfer my whole launchbox folder from my external hdd to a internal hdd on my computer. Long story short there are some corrupted image folders and now launchbox will not work unless I get rid of those folders. So now I'm in damage control and am trying to save all my roms. My question is what config files and xml files do I need if I wanna start a new build with out importing all my roms and images again
  8. Hi there, long time launch box user, first time poster Anyway I was wondering if there is a way to blend in the platform music from bigbox into the game list. Meaning when I am scrolling through the bigbox platform wheel, Listening to the different platforms themes music videos. I would like when I select a platform for the music to continue on to the game list. Instead of it going quiet or it playing the different game music when ever I hover over a game title. Thanks
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