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File Comments posted by pickles83

  1. On 1/6/2024 at 10:19 PM, raptor said:

    How to create the right overlay for those png?

    how you can figure out the cordinates for those png

    I need to know the bounds for those.


    <bounds x="682" y="991" width="2640" height="1980" />

    Follow the instructions in my initial post.  It's meant to work with Duimon's MegaBezel Project shaders.

  2. On 7/1/2023 at 7:33 PM, Chicagobears1977 said:

    These are great. How do I set these in mame?



    Thanks!  Are you using MAME standalone or in Retroarch?  You should be able to just set them as overlays in standalone MAME.

  3. On 6/5/2023 at 5:19 PM, WraithTDK said:

    Just to be clear, these only work when your screen's resolution is properly set to 4k, correct?

    These should work in all resolutions.  The screenshots I'm using are running in 1440p.

  4. On 4/13/2023 at 9:59 PM, sergiobiston said:

    Excuse me  for the dumb question, but after download the pack I cannot make it work because it seems there´s no .cfg files on it. What should I do?

    There is now a much easier way to use Mega Bezel with the overlays.  I've updated my initial post with a link to the instructions.  Not a dumb question at all!  The old way is very time consuming\confusing.

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  5. On 2/1/2023 at 12:41 AM, Drybonz said:

    I'm looking at these now.  These are really high quality.  I'm not using the 16:9 style any more, but these look very good.  If you ever have any high quality resources (bezels, instruction cards, etc) like these that you want to share for people to use as a starting point, that would be welcome too.

    This one for Alien Syndrome looks like one I did years ago that ended up in Metalzoic's packs.

    Anyway, nice job on these.   🙂

    Thanks, I really appreciate it.  I've mostly been using Mr Do's site and www.arcadeartwork.org.  Lots and lots of Googling as well.  Anything low res I've been using AI upscalers and cleaning up in paint.net.

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