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  1. Thanks a lot, Zombeaver! Your have explained it very well, and I successfully followed your guide. It is SO nice to get rid of that annoying forward/backward movement when touching the mouse! Now I can enjoy DOOM in all its retro flavor :-) Thanks again!
  2. I want to play the original Doom in dosbox with the keyboard+mouse combo, but without the mouse controlling forward/backward movement. The novert.com program should do the trick, but I do not know how to run this automatically at startup.
  3. Thanks for your very fast reply, Zombeaver! I have read your detailed info, but I do not know how to solve the problem in a fast/easy way. Unfortunately, I do not have a paid membership on Emumovies, so I do not have the option to download new snaps from Emumovies. Is it possible to automate the renaming process or to use some kind of workaround? It is kind of frustrating having collected video snaps for all my Amiga games, but not being able to import them into BigBox. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for a great tutorial video! I now have all my Amiga games imported into Launchbox, and it works very well. However, none of my video snaps show up in BigBox mode. The video snaps are named exactly like the lha game files, but FS-UAE reads the UUID file names instead. This means that if I rename a video snap to the UUID file name, the video snap runs fine in Bigbox. However, I would hate to manually rename all my video snap files, as I have hundreds. I would be very happy if an easier solution exists. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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