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  1. For some games you have to go into the dip settings of the game to enable demo/intro sound have you tried this?
  2. My wireless controller is a xbox one s controller + dongle (was on sale as a package), it took me a bit of getting used to as I never had any xbox but now I love it. It does use batteries but using good old rechargeable enelope batteries it aint as bad as I initially thought about going the battery road.
  3. Thanks but I'm not gonna do that, to many games to cover, to much work involved, to many downloads, to many games that would be missing or wouldn't work because it's launchbox title was changed etc.
  4. I'll get there eventually, i'm making the bezels when importing new platforms to my own collection, a lot of systems/platforms to be added still.
  5. Sweet! Time to update, thanks
  6. I updated to the latest version of retroarch a month ago I think, I did a fresh install also downloading the latest cores, but the a2600 core (stella I believe) wasn't working, so I took the old core from a backup and it worked again, so there might be something wrong with the new core.
  7. Thanks for checking, yeah it would be needed to make separate xaml for each platform I guess so you dont have cartridges spinning but only discs, i'm working on different other projects as well so it would take me too much time to do this as well, sorry man.
  8. That sega logo is a still from a platform video, if you don't use platform videos it will display an image but im not sure if it would be the content of "banner" or "fanart" one of the two though. If you dont see changes that youve made you could try to refresh the image cache in big box settings.
  9. The content of the fanart folder is being used to display a platform image on the left side in platform view 2 in this theme (see example image), other themes probably use it to display background images , I can't say for sure though. This theme uses its own background image.
  10. Ah yes found it, most excellent collection by @viking of device images:
  11. Within launchbox/images/platforms/--platform of choice-- are sub folders; Banner - Images in this folder are used if you have a marquee screen set up. I use this folder for the most excellent images by @Styphelus in my own setup see: https://emumovies.com/files/file/3480-console-computer-and-arcade-system-boxes/ Device - Here you can put .png images with a transparent background of a console/device, you'll see I used this one for several views when cycling through the different platform views (you can assign a key or button to switch views in big box settings), there is a collection to download somewhere with transparent background consoles and devices you'll have to search for it in downloads or on emumovies I believe. Fanart - This is used for background images in most themes but it can be used for other images as well, you could use Styphelus images for this folder as well if you don't use a second (marquee) screen. In this example of platform view 2 you can see fanart used on the left side and device image on the right.
  12. You can change the font by using notepad++ and bulk edit the xaml files to the fonts you like. The spinning disc image requires specific coding knowledge that I don't have atm.
  13. Thanks, thats right this theme uses its own static backgrounds by design.
  14. 2.7 Added: 90s (32 bit era) and NEC_PC-FX realistic bezels
  15. Forgot to add to 2.6 lol Added: Sega 32X realistic bezel
  16. 2.6 - Fixes TurboDuo, Turbografx 16, Atari 7800, Mega Drive, Supergrafx: Fixed shadow and background lighting to fit other bezels. Master System: Size of console is now larger, fixed shadow and background lighting to fit other bezels.
  17. 2.5 Added: Turbografx-CD and TurboDuo realistic bezels, they should play the same games as far as I understand, giving you more choice which console you prefer.
  18. Now you will get your marquee screen sooner bud lol
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Full Dedicated Neo Geo Marquees Description There where quite a few full size dedicated marquees made for Neo Geo aside from the mini-marquee layouts, there where even some dedicated cabinets as well like Samurai Shodown II, The Irritating Maze and SNK vs Capcom Chaos. I wasn't able to restore all the full size Neo Geo marquees out there, the ones I couldn't are included in a folder as well. Features Full size Marquees for 25 Neo Geo games Made from the highest quality artwork available I could find Cleaned up and color corrected artwork Including restored/remade/revived artwork Exclusive Day mode / Night Mode (unlit/lit) for every marquee Almost all marquees are Ultra HD Resolution; 3840 pixels wide, some are not All are named with 03 and 04 at the end of the rom name so you can use these with my other neo geo marquees. Credits to those that made high quality scans, logo's or other artwork that I found and used to reconstruct the marquees, I don't take full credits of this project thereof. ------------------------------------------------- See the making of of this project: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/44355-coming-soon-neo-geo-marquees-v20/ Other Neo Geo Marquee work: Neo Geo custom Dual layout Neo Geo Mini-Marquee layout 🤘
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