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  1. Aside gaming nostalgia i'm very much into music nostalgia as well, I think i've seen it all at this point but I hope I haven't. Monterey, woodstock, wattstax, the festival express, hendrix's countless docu's, hype, the global world of metal, punk etc. I've seen a lot, too much to mention basically, but I hope you can provide some docu's I haven't seen yet, currently i'm having a beer while watching 'Still Bill'; about Bill Withers, great stuff a humble human being he is. If you have any tips I'd like to hear em. Cheers!
  2. 3.2 Added: Microsoft MSX 1, 2 and whatever else MSX versions realistic bezel
  3. @JoeViking245 It didn't work either, though the code is accepted (no errors) it still displays the 12hr clock, I think Big Box overwrites it with it's own defaults.
  4. Thanks! I'll try it out tonight, I could just use it for my own system or offer it as an alternative if it works, i'll let you know!
  5. That is excepted by Big Box indeed but hh:mm still displays 12hrs, it's probably overwritten by language settings code
  6. Yeah I'll leave that clock alone, the code isn't being accepted, I'll just get used to 12 hrs as I shouldn't be forcing 24hrs in a theme
  7. Lol thanks anyway, I noticed setting my language to Netherlands it will display 24 hours but I dont like software displaying in my native language, do you english speaking people hate 24 hour clocks or are you used to them?
  8. Thanks for your response, where in the line should I put this string? This is the line; <TextBlock Text="{Binding CurrentTime}" FontFamily="LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER/Themes/NeonDeluxeArcade/Beon.ttf#Beon" Foreground="#A8FFF3" TextAlignment="Right" FontSize="40" TextWrapping="Wrap">
  9. Anyone know how to force 12 or 24 hour clock with 'CurrentTime' code or is it bound to ones language settings?
  10. Thanks bro! I will at some point, I'm adding new bezels as my library expands, can take some time but will get to them in the end.
  11. Have you tried turning off your system, turning off modem and (in case) router and boot them back up one by one? Sometimes this helps when certain sites or internet services won't work properly.
  12. Gotcha! Though some games just don't work within popular torrent batch downloads, downloading those manually from a very dedicated plus 4/C16 website seems to fix the problem after testing a few out. They will load automatically and fast through the plus 4 retroarch core. I must say this platform really aint that bad compared to C64. I like the C16 Fire Ant better than the C64 version but that could be just nostalgia.
  13. Well after importing again for some reason it works without changing anything bro lmao, computers work in mysterious ways sometimes don't they All I can think of is I updated the core which had a pause of a week or so in between which could indicate they might have worked on the core. Takes some figuring out which buttons do what, F11 takes you to the onscreen keyboard which is helpful in Dork's Dilemma's case as you need to press F1 to change controls to joystick, i'm off to play this game, haven't done so since I was a young kid, recommended if you like bomberman!
  14. Thanks bro! I will try this out, maybe it works in this core as well. I think they are disk files indeed, prg files is what they called I think (not at the pc right now) theres two games I really love on this system; "Dork's Dilemma" and "Fire Ant" at least as far as I can remember, Fire Ant was also ported to other systems though but Dork's could be an exclusive game.
  15. Our adopted stray cats: Molly "The Eyes" Cat Bibi "Deadlights" Cat Me in a more presentable photo back in '97 lol. These days i'm bald and fatter, yay!
  16. Ps If you still want to use this monitor with that resolution you could try to set the windows text DPI scaling to around 75%, I'm a bit dyscalculiated but it should be around that percentage when comparing 1920x1080 to 1360x768. I hope that would work for you as well. Still recommend 1080p though
  17. I understand why you would choose lower resolution for games, although this resolution mostly runs with VGA cables which in turn are analog, better to buy a HDMI or DVI monitor purely for sharper details and (often overlooked) much better colors, also if you like launchbox/bigbox then you'll want a nicer representation of all the themes and artwork. 1080p monitors are basically cheap to get, highly recommended!
  18. I've installed the vice core in retroarch for plus 4, it does boot up but all I see is "ready" on the screen. I tried the space bar which will fast forward but nothing is happening, anyone have experience with this core and how it should work?
  19. Weird, yes it looks right on my system. The background is also not as it should be so I think it's dpi settings we need to change. What resolution do you use?
  20. Yeah that's true, next time i'll zip it up in a folder
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