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  1. No updates for a while, having serious pc problems after friggin windows update getting bsod at boot, seems I have to reinstall everything incl windows
  2. According to my calculations you'll see them all within 1 to 1.5 years lol sorry if I crushed your dreams a bit more haha
  3. I've got 0.198 as well but it is working for me, although the sound is a bit trebble-ish. Haven't played it for real but I dont think youre missing much.
  4. Actually... *pushes up imaginary goggles*: 128 bezels to go before Double Dragon 🤓
  5. Champion Wrestler champwr.zip I stitched this bezel together from ebay photos, in case you can use it:
  6. You can select all other games/systems than neogeo and hide them, but im not sure if that is what you want.
  7. Cabal (with generic army bezel plus recreated instructions) cabal.zip In case anyone can use it, the instructions:
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