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  1. Interesting read: https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/13654-official-mame-high-res-marquee-thread-graphically-very-intense/page/46/ Banned from: https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?p=3701012
  2. Yeah lol I don't know if he has communication problems he can't help or just totally bot-like. He's been banned on other forums because of his behaviour. It's not boring though.
  3. @Retro808 I think youve got a spambot going on a rampage
  4. Bob Ross, the legend! Paintjob is looking good man!
  5. Thats right I put it in the title a few hours ago lol To be honest I hardly see the bezel when playing a game as thats where the eyes focus to, the bezel is blurred in that state like depth focus. Thats how I designed the bezels, the background is there but doesnt get in the way of focus. But of course if you like to see more detail, edit away, try not to use brightness or contrast but the level histogram as it can bring back more detail in the gray levels.
  6. ps If you view it full screen properly set in retroarch you should see far more detail than on a phone (don't even dare viewing it on a phone lol) or when you watch the png in an image viewer with a white background, it messes up the contrast experience. Lights off < it's in the title.
  7. Yeah you do need a good quality backlight in your tv/monitor and properly set tv settings, rgb full range, and sunlight not directly on your screen does help.
  8. I think the best way would be to first save your various shader settings as presets in your older version and then reapply them in 1.7.8. and then save them as global/directory/game, but I haven't tried it myself yet. @Retro808 posted this guide in how the shaders now work: https://docs.libretro.com/guides/shaders/
  9. 3.6 Added: Nintendo Game Boy Color in Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Transparent and Yellow versions realistic bezels
  10. Edit: Bigbox/options/keyboard mappings or controller buttons. Also be sure to check Bigbox/options/views to check "remember separate view for each platform" < I think thats what enables separate themes for each platform, not sure though.
  11. You can do that, if you pick Neon Deluxe Arcade as your main theme then go to a platform and use the key/button you've set (bigbox/options/controls) to switch theme. You will have to switch theme per platform but big box should remember each theme you've chosen per platform.
  12. It is better, RetroArch friggin rules but with changes comes time to understand them, i'll upgrade in the future once I read some more about it. I'm stoked about the translation options and the fix for menu over overlays, these guys do miracles. \m/
  13. @dov_EL I'm sticking with 1.7.7, its too complicated for me atm to figure out the new shader process and how I should convert my old auto configs.
  14. The error message says "cannot locate bigboxbackground.jpg" I cant remember that I named the background image like this but for some reason it asks about this file. I recommend re-downloading the theme and delete the current one.
  15. I have the same problem with the shaders not being applied like in the past, all my previous shader configurations that I saved per core/game/directory will not work now
  16. Could it be, while windows was updated your text scale dpi settings in windows was set back to 100%?
  17. 3.5 Added: Nintendo Game Boy realistic bezel Note: For some reason I couldn't scale the screen to full screen, seems it's stuck to integer scaling and keeps the borders in tact, anyone else have this problem as well? Any help is much appreciated!
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