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  1. No, it's supposed to be automated Did you add the -Filename command line parameter for the emulator in Launchbox?
  2. Really hard to say in these cases My script is just basic PowerShell converted to EXE, so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues. You may try configuring the Project Phoenix emulator itself to launch in Windows 7 or Windows XP compatibility mode and then try again?
  3. You may want to check your System log in the Event Viewer, there should be something there that shows why it crashed.
  4. I am using a humble Intel NUC7i3BNH It's only a 7th gen i3 processor, but it gets the job done and I can emulate all the 8-bit and 16-bit consoles perfectly. 32-bit emulation is limited only to 3DO, CD-i, and PS1. Redream and PPSSPP works well for most titles, but anything above that it out of the question.
  5. Check the Details tab in Task Manager to ensure the Project Phoenix emulator process is no longer there.
  6. Yeah... the emulator needs to quit entirely, before it can switch modes... this is because this tool injects values into the emulator's XML configuration file, so it must quit and relaunch
  7. I believe you're right... does it work if you disable Startup Screen? The commands require the Project Phoenix emulator to be the frontmost window
  8. I don't use the Startup Screen feature in Launchbox. I just did a quick test and it loaded fine for me. What happens when Startup Screen is enabled and you launch the emulator?
  9. I had the same problem too, but my solution was to convert the LHA files to ZIP, which solves the problem
  10. MCF


    The CHD must be stored in a folder that shares the same name as the MAME ROM. Using Killer Instinct as an example, the MAME ROM file is kinst.zip. The CHD must be stored in a folder named kinst in the same directory where the ROM file is stored.
  11. @Jesse.west Did you configure the emulator as below in Launchbox?
  12. After you get the error, look for the file daphne_log.txt in your Daphne directory It should provide greater detail on what went wrong
  13. This is my MAME settings for NeoGeo (please ignore those other associated platforms) The BIOS file neogeo.zip needs to be in the ROMS folder in your MAME directory. You can look around online for it. -bios unibios32 is not mandatory, it's only used if you want to use Universe BIOS (see http://unibios.free.fr/) Please ensure all your NeoGeo ROMs follow MAME's naming convetions, i.e. Samurai Shodown must be samsho.zip, Fatal Fury is fatfury1.zip, and so on and so forth.
  14. Can you go into the Xpadder Wacky Races folder and see if there's any EXE files in there? Use these steps to create an AHK script Launch Notepad Copy and paste the line below in Notepad and save it as "script.ahk" in a convenient location (i.e. Desktop, Documents), as suggested by @Retro808 $ESC::WinClose, ahk_exe your wacky races executable file Download the Autohotkey package from https://www.autohotkey.com/download/, in the ZIP file is a Compiler folder. AHK2EXE is there, this is the tool used to compile the AHK script into an EXE application The source script file is the script.ahk that was created in Step 2 above For the destination EXE file, name it as EXIT.EXE (or any other file name you like, so long as the extension is EXE) and place it in E:\Torrents\Wacky Races Click Convert Go to E:\Torrents\Wacky Races and check if EXIT.EXE has been created If yes, added EXIT.EXE as an Additional App for Wacky Races in Launchbox, and set it to Automatically Run Before Main Application
  15. Try this workaround... Just simply set any EXE for the game's application path in the Launcher tab (i.e. notepad.exe), and leave the Emulation tab blank.
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