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  1. The Retroarch integration feature sounds awesome, that can really help streamline the platform setup processes as it advances in future updates. I do have a question about how that would work... would it come pre-installed natively in the LaunchBox folder structure, or will we have the ability to point it to a current folder, or a choice between the two? I have a second Retroarch installation specifically for HD texture mods. Also, a thing I would like to see with the Retroarch integration... would be a correct "bios present" field, next to a "core present (download/update [all])" field. These would be great to have in there.
  2. Thanks for the reply Jason, will do!
  3. Has there been a recent change in the platform logo image identifier in xaml? It's been a little while now that I've noticed my platform logos no longer showing in the top left corner of my startup theme. I customized the GridBlocked startup theme if that matters... Edit: So I've noticed that the platform logo DOES appear on the startup screen while in BigBox.... but it doesn't show while in LaunchBox. Any idea how or why that might be happening? It's not a huge deal... at least it's working in BigBox, but I can't figure out why that would be... for some reason I'm thinking I could be missing something simple. I tested a few different platforms while in BigBox, and tried those same platforms while in LaunchBox... it's strange.
  4. I hear ya, I bought the lifetime license and plan to use it for that long. But adding assets like these and customizing and fine tuning my LaunchBox build is always fun and will probably never end lol.
  5. Yeah, I wasn't sure about replicating this view necessarily... just using the cabinet art. I may mess around this weekend with the Unified Redux theme's XAML view file for the wheel and see if I can have it point to the matching game cabinets.
  6. So I have not yet set up OBS for recording snaps/recordings in LaunchBox... but I just discovered a quick and simple alternative way to screen capture that's actually built into Windows 10. Pressing "Windows Key+ALT+R" records any active window, it has worked with every program and browser I've tried... even Amazon Prime videos ? lol. Press it again to stop and it saves to your User>Videos>Captures folder at your screen resolution with sound. It worked perfectly with a Nintendo game in Retroarch. Can't believe I haven't heard about this until now, just thought this might be able to help a few people that might not want to use OBS for some reason.
  7. It would be pretty awesome to have these views in a BigBox theme. I was actually thinking more along the lines of grabbing those custom made arcade cabinet overlays for specific arcade games to replace the generic arcade cabinet we have in some of the BigBox arcade views. I believe there's roughly about 400 arcade game specific cabinets in the Diamonds build that would look awesome in the BigBox Unified themes, or any others where a cabinet is showing the game snap video. And for the games that don't have them, revert back to the current default generic cabinet.
  8. I came to the forums for this specific reason to post a new topic on this... But more specifically, the new CoinOPS DIAMONDS build that just recently released. It focuses on arcade games, but it looks awesome! I'm going to download it and grab the artwork... the team created high quality full arcade cabinet artwork for a ton of arcade games. I would imagine it shouldn't be too tough to integrate them into a current BigBox theme, or use it as a template to recreate the CoinOPS DIAMONDS build.
  9. Just wanted to report in that I'm using the latest official release tonight... and so far, so good. One difference I've noticed is that BigBox is opening immediately after the startup video now. I have a large library and several playlists, and would take about 10 seconds to load after the startup video finishes. Not that it was a terribly long time, but this is a very welcomed improvement!
  10. Is there currently a way to add an additional app as a favorite? If not, what's a good work around? What I'm wanting is to favorite an alternative version of a MAME game... it's a Street Fighter 2 hacked rom version and can be a pain to remember how to find normally since there are several different Street Fighter 2 games, each with their own set of several different versions. Thanks.
  11. I was just curious if there's a good solution out there to better handle Windows/PC games in LaunchBox... Meaning, is there 3rd party software that can launch Windows game executables that would have better control over how a game is handled? I have just noticed that many games doesn't play well with Pause screens, ahk exit scripts and how some handle full screen when it takes over half of another screen on multi display setups and moves desktop icons around. Does the RocketLauncher PCLauncher module do this, or any other software?
  12. Yes, I'm using this as well. I am able to exit normally, I just don't get the shutdown screen feature with LaunchBox... it's just an abrupt exit. It's not a huge deal, would just be nice if there was a work-around to get the shutdown screen back. I'm assuming it has something to do with WHDRun.
  13. That's the only option I was able to find regarding video preference when trying to figure out the issue, but it was already unchecked.
  14. Not sure what I'm missing here... but some of my games will play theme videos instead of the snap video. Those games for some reason are linked to the theme video folder in the game video path, instead of the parent snaps video folder. Not sure how this happened, but I want all games to default to the snaps... and only choose to prioritize theme videos within BigBox if I change to a theme that makes sense for those. Is there a way to default all games to snap videos instead of going through each one and manually changing the game video path? Thanks in advance for any help.
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