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  1. Nice to see a new startup theme, and it's really cool! One thing I've noticed so far is that none of the themes are really taking advantage of all of the metadata information available... For example, I modified GridBlocked's theme to also display "Play Count" and the "Last Played" date. I find these really useful when loading up a game, I was just curious if I'm the only one that cares to see that info... or if it's not well-known yet that it's an option. But anyway, good job with the theme!
  2. It's finally here! Did not expect this much awesomeness to come with the home button integration!
  3. @Chris Kant Perhaps with a certain controller Home Button integration feature... maybe that could justify an official release? 😁 Can't wait for that one!
  4. There are already VR apps out there that allow you to play any pc game, including BigBox, on a virtual big screen and in several environments... "Virtual Desktop" and "Bigscreen VR" are a couple of really good ones. On the other hand, there are VR front ends out there already for a virtual arcade called "New Retro Arcade: Neon" and one that lets you play console games in an 80s or 90s style bedroom called "EmuVR". Maybe a new iteration of LB & BB called VirtualBox or something like that can combine both a virtual arcade and console play setup in the future... But that sounds like a big job.
  5. So excited to see my controller home button integration suggestion is doing so well in the polls, I've been waiting for this one for a while. Also, the game icon system sounds like a really awesome addition. Really hoping we will be able to add custom classifications and icon art along with default provided ones, that will be fun.
  6. I think Jason is possibly planning on implementing a new icon labeling system that can work within BigBox also. Those are 2 examples, but there are more than can be very useful too... such as number of players, number of discs/versions, a flag representing region/country... and so on. These would be really cool to have and also have the ability to enable or disable which ones you want in settings.
  7. I figured as much as far as the poll items go... But on the development side, I think creating these as part of a new single icon labeling system would be pretty awesome.
  8. I think all 3 indicator icons features should probably be rolled into one creating a new helpful aspect to LB/BB. You could select which ones show per system/game and have a nested option to select controller type.
  9. That's good to hear... I've also noticed that button automation is now closing FS-UAE for Commodore Amiga/CD32 when I used to have to manually exit. However, button automation is not closing a version of MAME I have set up for MESS...
  10. I noticed that too, but then I realized it was conflicting with the volume up and down mappings. Not sure if this might be your issue too...
  11. Awesome! I'll be trying this after work tonight! I also appreciate the script to set it as the hold, I'll play around with both.
  12. It might be cool to have an option to play the game theme song in pause for any games that has a downloaded theme song linked to it... Edit: I'm not referring to a button to play the theme song, I'm thinking checking a box in Launchbox pause settings to autoplay if available.
  13. This wouldn't necessarily be a bad addition, but you're adding an extra step to exit a game when we already have keyboard/controller automation. Unless you're wanting a "proper" exit or something... Although when using controller automation with FS-UAE emulator for the Amiga CD32, it just takes me to the emulator menu and does not want to exit, i have to press up to the X to manually close. I've even tried using an ahk script to exit with alt-F4. This emulator also doesn't seem to like the new Pause Screen either, it seems to take over in a way that no other emulator does...
  14. I appreciate the help... unfortunately it didn't work.
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