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  1. I was just curious if there's a good solution out there to better handle Windows/PC games in LaunchBox... Meaning, is there 3rd party software that can launch Windows game executables that would have better control over how a game is handled? I have just noticed that many games doesn't play well with Pause screens, ahk exit scripts and how some handle full screen when it takes over half of another screen on multi display setups and moves desktop icons around. Does the RocketLauncher PCLauncher module do this, or any other software?
  2. Yes, I'm using this as well. I am able to exit normally, I just don't get the shutdown screen feature with LaunchBox... it's just an abrupt exit. It's not a huge deal, would just be nice if there was a work-around to get the shutdown screen back. I'm assuming it has something to do with WHDRun.
  3. That's the only option I was able to find regarding video preference when trying to figure out the issue, but it was already unchecked.
  4. Not sure what I'm missing here... but some of my games will play theme videos instead of the snap video. Those games for some reason are linked to the theme video folder in the game video path, instead of the parent snaps video folder. Not sure how this happened, but I want all games to default to the snaps... and only choose to prioritize theme videos within BigBox if I change to a theme that makes sense for those. Is there a way to default all games to snap videos instead of going through each one and manually changing the game video path? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Rainman74, thank you so much for sharing this and all the hard work put in to it... I never would have gotten this system going this well, if at all. The only thing I've noticed that's keeping it from being a perfect addition, even though it's minor, is I can't get it to exit with the shutdown screen... it's a hard out. Is there anything I can tweak to get this going? I tried the different combinations for the shutdown screen settings and a few things with the display settings within WinUAE, but nothing has worked yet. The main thing is that the startup screen and pause screens works perfectly! Any help with that would be greatly appreciated, thanks again!
  6. Cadaver did the same thing to me... I had to set the default emulator to FS-UAE for that one to work properly. Edit: I came across your fix after posting this... I'm going to do the same. FS-UAE works great, but it doesn't play well with the LaunchBox Pause screen.
  7. This is really awesome! I have a question, can "Playtime" be implemented into a Startup or Pause Theme? Would be really cool if it could, but wasn't sure since it's a plugin... I figured out how to add "Play Count" and "Last Played Date" into the startup screens, which turned out to be my most payed attention to fields and thought "Playtime" would be a perfect addition to those. I've played around with the code, but no luck yet. Thanks!
  8. RetroAchievements aren't new, they have been integrated into LaunchBox for a while now... but I just recently looked into the RetroAchievements games database and went through the tedious process of manually creating playlists per platform for games that support it. They basically work just like PlayStation trophies or Xbox achievements... except for retro games through emulators. It works with several platforms primarily through RetroArch, although it looks like they are supported through a few other emulators... but I haven't messed with any of those. You can view your RetroAchievements in BigBox and the Pause Menu now too, which is really cool. It adds so much more to my setup, similar to the new High Score Leaderboard system. Here is a tutorial for it...
  9. I think it would be cool to have some sort of Community High Score Leaderboard specific section on the site showcasing everything somehow... where you can comment, like and maybe set a challenge to beat someone's high score or something. Not sure exactly how it would all work, but it seems like there's something there...
  10. I agree with everything said here about the new MAME High Scores, it really gives you a reason to pick certain games now out of a large library, and play for a while with a purpose. Before, I would just either play the same handful of games... or check out random games for just a few minutes or so. Creating a playlist for this and for RetroAchievements per platform has been a huge plus for my LaunchBox build.
  11. The most current beta release is looking great so far... the only minor thing I can see is in the import games wizard, the metadata sources now only show LaunchBox's DB as an option to scrape from since removing Wikipedia. Seems like an unnecessary screen to click through now...?
  12. Awesome! Did not realize this was possible. I just tested that it works with pdf, jpg, gif and png files. I created a new folder called "Strategy Guides" with platform names within in it... similar to the folder structure of "Manuals". I Created an additional app for Mortal Kombat II for SNES and named it "View Strategy Guide" and set the path accordingly. It shows up right above the exit game entry on the Pause Menu. If you wanted to, you can also do this for box art and other images. Pretty cool! ...just no support for video at the moment for those old tv commercials. Edit: Additional Apps is set to browse for executable files for the path, you have to change it to "all files (*.*)".
  13. Agreed, it would be great! Although I think it would probably need to be a more specific option menu... such as "+ pdf item", "+ video (mp4) item", "+ image (jpg/png) item". I think if this system was set up, the pause menu would basically be feature complete.
  14. I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to do that... In LaunchBox, you can go to "Arrange by / MAME high scores supported" and it will sort them, but I don't see a sortable value for it in creating a playlist. I can right click all of the current sorted games that are supported and add that way, but I would rather set up a dynamic playlist.
  15. I think it would be cool to have within the Pause Menu options tab... "+ custom Pause Menu item". You can then give it a label, then link it to any folder you like such as "guides" or "commercials".
  16. Thanks for the responses, that makes sense. The badges and filters for high scores would be great to have! As far as Retroachievements, I wonder if an option, similar to "download updated community star ratings" can be implemented to scan their database to use in order to sort out what games in your library supports them. This one wouldn't need to be real time anyway, just a once in a while scan to update your Retroachievement library would be more than enough... In the meantime, I think I might just create custom fields for these to make playlists, these 2 features really help me pick out games to play out of a large library.
  17. I don't guess there's currently any way to create a dynamic playlist for arcade "High Scores" or, for games that support it, "Retroachievements"? I'm not seeing any real way that LaunchBox can identify these features to create rules for a playlist, and can't really think of a work around... other than individually sorting through games and manually adding them or creating a custom field. But I'm starting to see a real benefit of wanting to know which games support these 2 features other than going through a huge collection and selecting one by one. Edit: I should probably clarify for the High Score Leaderboards... I would like to be able to identify the arcade games that actually have active high scores set within the community.
  18. Just in case it hasn't been mentioned yet for future updates... adding Badges for games to indicate whether a game has "MAME High Scores" & "Retro Achievements" will be really nice! 😁
  19. This is such an awesome theme! Any chance for an updated version to show MAME high scores in the game details bar? Thanks!
  20. Good points... Didn't think about triggering the shutdown screen. Although, I just tested it using MAME's reset shortcut and it didn't trigger the shutdown screen so that's good... just not sure if it will send the updated high score. Update: Resetting doesn't send the high score, it does require a close.
  21. Adding MAME high scores in the Pause Menu would be really nice! Even if the emulator has to be closed to refresh the scores... it would still allow you to see ahead of time, the score to beat. Maybe a "refresh" button can be added and it would just be to trigger a shortcut to restart the emulator.
  22. This is awesome! Tested it with Galaga and works great!
  23. This is probably my favorite LaunchBox theme so far, I've been using it for a while and love it! I am just curious if there's a plan to update it to support the new badge system? Or maybe even just a code to copy and paste into an xml file...? Thanks!
  24. Not real sure what you're referring to with badges...? The icon labeling system I mentioned is the ability to add different small icons visible over specific games that you can choose to identify things such as multiple discs, multiple versions, broken, hidden, controller type, # of players... stuff like that. That's probably my most anticipated future feature.
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