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  1. So Launchbox is going to require Windows 10 to run eventually? 😕 Major bummer too as I had bought Lifetime-license on my Windows 8.1-laptop this year,.. On that end 13.8 won't have Retroachievements-support, that's gonna kind of suck from here on out.
  2. Have had this same problem for good while now as Windows 8.1-user. Hopefully this isn't meaning Launchbox will be requiring Windows 10 to use eventually. 😕
  3. A lot of the backgrounds I've been custom-picking for my games are kinda getting obscured on the middle by the whole "Now Loading"-banner found the default Game Startup Theme. No way to customize it either so it's getting kinda intrusive on my custom fanart backgrounds. Any option to remove it in the future? Or at least, customize it?
  4. From what I noticed, if using the Platform Categories-section as the default startup category (So starting as "Consoles","Arcade" and "Computers"), this kind of issue occurs. When I use other types, the hiding seems to work as normal. So is this feature being not applied on playlists on "Platform Categories"-section intentional on developers' part?
  5. Just downloaded LB 9.5, and wanted to test this particular feature on Big Box, but for some reason, it just doesn't work despite being on by default. Already went tor reinstall LB 9.5, yet the problem persists. Did this happen to anyone yet before?
  6. Dropped here. Also glad to see you're alive. Wheel3GamesView.xaml AOStyle.xaml
  7. Dunno where you've gone, but bit of a problem I'm dealing atm with this theme - no matter what I do, I'm not able to remove the scanlines from the Vertical Wheel View 3: Any idea what might be going on?
  8. Seconding this, I find it tad cumbersome to scroll by series with some platforms so I want to make it easier in some others.
  9. It worked! Updating the Firmware was the deal here. Thanks, @Retro808
  10. I'll check on it, though tad afraid that IIRC, the controller won't be support by Wii or Wii U anymore in the newest firmwares.
  11. Just got SNESFC 30-controller and it works like a charm on Retroarch and other emus, but it doesn't get detected on my Big Box + Launchbox. Should be "Xbox Bluetooth Controller", but it doesn't show up in the controller menus. Any idea what's going on? Using Windows 8.1 64-bit, Big Box + Launchbox are 7.10 Version.
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