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  1. 1. Let's say my library has 3 platforms : 1. NES, 2. SNES, 3. N64. I'm currently browsing the SNES list. I would like to be able to swap directly to the NES list by pressing L-button or go to N64 by pressing R-button (I know they currently are bound to page-up and page-down). Basically, I'dd like the ability to bound a button to "Next platform/playlist" and "Previous platform/playlist". 4. Sorry about that, I don't mean to be obnoxious. All that complaining actually got me some answers and a better understanding of Bigbox. Thanks for you help and patience!
  2. 1. In Bigbox, have a option to cycle back and forth through game lists without having to go back to the platforms menu. 2. In Bigbox, have custom icons (ei. stylized game controller) for favorites for each platforms instead of the star, so you can, at a glance, see what platform the game belong to in a list that has games from multiple platforms, especially lists with multi-platform games. (ei. you have Street Fighter II listed 4 times, but you can't see which console it's for until you look at the game details. 3. In Bigbox and Launchbox, have a way to sort a list so that favorite shows on top but then they also shows later as duplicate down in the non-favorite list. Say you favorite Megaman 2, but not the other Megaman games, you would still want to get a complete list of all the Megaman games when you scroll down the list instead of having Megaman 2 missing since it's sorted as a favorite. 4. I'm no programmer and I have no clue how feasible it is, but could BigBox be faster and snappier and have better performance overall? To be honest, those are features from Recalbox (and other forks of EmulationStation I guess) that I found incredibly useful.
  3. Could anyone make this? This is an EmulationStation theme, but I would like to have this exact layout in Fundamental Dark. And then the exact same thing for game list but with text instead of logo wheel.
    Love this theme, this is what I'm using from now on. Minimal, elegant and sleek. I give it 4 stars because there's still some very minors things that could be improved, but it has more to do with personal taste.
  4. Hi! Fundamental is my new Theme! I love it, thanks for your work. Here's some feedback. I like very much vertical wheel 1 and 3 for platforms. What I do is that I remove the banners and I put customs (16:9) pictures (from Emulation Station) to the "Device" folder. The only thing that is missing from those 2 views is the platform details. I would actually rather have the details than the description. And while were at it, have the description where the banner is. Or basically, have the "Platforms Text with details" layout, but with a logo wheel instead of a list. As for the game list, I use Text with Details. Very neat, but I wouldnt mind to see a few small gameplay screenshot somewhere, maybe under the game description or the game box. Basically, "Game Wheel 2" but with a list rather than logo wheel. Another minor thing. under the game title, you see the "Platform - region" line. It's fine until you go to a game that doesnt have metadata for "region". In that case, you get "Plaform -" with the "-" still visible. I mean, you can already have the region displayed in the game details right under there, so you could do away with that arbitrary parameter entirely. Now that I think of it, is there an easy way to only swap "logo wheel" to "text list" and vice versa and keep the rest of the layout intact? Finally, how about some color options? Keep up the great work!
  5. Alright, after a little bit more experimenting, I found that my stuttering is mostly due to BigBox populating images to the library. After browsing BigBox for a while, the experience became much smoother. Then I refreshed all images in the options and the stutter came back until I browsed for a bit. Is there a way to allocate more resources to populate images faster at startup?
  6. The only option I see for image quality is for coverflow, a feature that I don't use. Is there another setting for images quality that affect the quality of all images?
  7. The same problem does persist with other themes, but I gotta say, the absolutely love Fundamental theme! I'm definitely keeping it.
  8. I have a much smoother experience with Launchbox, can't say I ever had that type of problem. I mean, not everything always loads instantly, which is not what I expect, but I never had that UI itself stutter in Launchbox. In Bigbox, it's as if when the program is loading an image or game info, it won't do anything until everything as been fully rendered. Precisely, in my Platforms list, I have vertical wheel 1 with logo, custom images for background (taken from Emulation Station) and Platform text info on the side with everything else turned off. In game list, I have text with details, game box cover and gameplay screenshot. I don't know if it would do any good but would keeping images quantity to a minimum helps? Say I only download clear logos, boxart and gameplay screenshots and remove everything else?
  9. Iscariath

    BigBox Next?

    I was able to easily add a custom playlist to the "View Platforms" list, Thank you!
  10. Iscariath

    BigBox Next?

    I know it's a minor thing, but to be clear, what I would like is to have a "Favorite" or "All Games" folder when you "View Platforms" in Bigbox. The "All Games" shows-up in Launchbox when you sort by platforms, but does not when you "View platforms" in Big Box. The other detail is that from a game list, I would like to have Favorite show up first (yes, we can already do that by sorting by favorite) but have all the favorites show up in the non-favorite list below. Example : Have Megaman 2 in the favorites, but also have it shows up (duplicate) alongside the other non-favorite Megaman title on the same list. So, I don't know that there's a way to do specifically that, so please let me know if there's a way!
  11. Alright, I was OP on reddit and the discussion got carried away toward this issue. My gripe with BigBox is not so much the LAG but rather the STUTTERS, which would more precisely describe the behavior. I've got this with controller or keyboard. I find that spinning the platform wheel or scrolling down the game list stutters for like half a second, enough to be clearly noticeable. Often, during that stutters, inputs will not register. I'm running bare bone settings in BigBox default theme, no music, no video, no coverflow. I've got Launchbox, metadata and emulators of an SSD and the roms are on a HDD. I5 2500K, GTX 570, 8gb RAM.
  12. Iscariath

    BigBox Next?

    I love Launchbox and everything it let me do in terms of organizing my library, assigning cores and emulators, scraping and more, but Bigbox is a letdown for me. It's slow, clunky, not very elegant. I've been playing with Recalbox for a bit and I was just so impressed with the UI. First, I love the EmulationStation style, it's just so sleek, snappy, minimalist and lightweight from the font, the colors and the layout. Everything loads fast with no stutter. I can swap between platforms and game lists swiftly. I also really likes the way it handles favorites, where you can add games with one button. Small details, but I like how it shows favorite first on the game list, then list the entire library INCLUDING the favorites, so you still have a complete, alphabetically ordered list. It also create a favorite playlist that is listed among platforms. Finally, it add a controller icon next to the favorites, so you know at a glance what platforms it belongs to. Honestly, if there would be a way to launch Recalbox from inside Windows without rebooting and launching from USB, I would consider using it instead. I also tried before to use EmulationStation for Windows before but it's not developed anymore and it's just a mess to setup. I mean, I have invested a lot of time in creating my library in Launchbox and it is simply the most powerful and flexible tool for doing so as far as I'm concerned. I love what you did to Launchbox Next, so maybe it's time for BigBox Next? That would definitely be a good argument to renew my license Maybe there's settings I have overlooked that would solves my problems. Please let me know. I also know there's a theme based on EmulationStation, which is very well done, but it's powered by BigBox. I'm using default BigBox with minimalist settings, custom Background for platforms, no music, no videos, no coverflow. I'm running it on a I5 2500K, GTX570, 8GB RAM with Launchbox, emulators and metadata of the SSD with roms of a HDD.
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