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  1. That's what I was looking for, thank you.
  2. I am trying to find out what the ID is of this game: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/2485 There are two games on the Genesis with the title of "Spider-Man" and Launchbox will only pull up the other game in the search field. The number in the URL doesn't seem to correspond to the Game ID. For example if I edit the XML file and set the ID to 2485 Launchbox will take me to the page for Battlefield 1943. So I am looking for the correct number to put into the DatabaseID field in the XML file so that LaunchBox will show the correct game. If there's a way to find the ID myself that would be great to know. The images in the database don't seem to reference the ID and there isn't a field on the page that shows it.
  3. What I've been doing is just downloading everything then going in and deleting the folders for things like 3D carts after the fact. That seems to be the quickest way as opposed to unchecking the boxes every time.
  4. Yeah I noticed that. What I am referring to is going to Edit Game then Download Images/Media. I have been having issues with the scraper not pulling media for every game on the import but if I do edit game it finds them. Every game is named properly so that it finds it in the DB during import so I don't know why chunks of games aren't getting media downloads.
  5. Yeah it's not really a matter of taking up space I have this on a 4TB drive. It's a matter of having to skim down through a list of nested folders when I am trying to find something (I'm still adding media) and the big issue is anytime I scrape an individual game I have to uncheck all the stuff I don't want.
  6. When editing a platform there's a tab called Folders that has paths to all of the image directories. Is there a way to remove some of these entries? For example there's no need for the arcade folders on a console platform and I don't really want or need the fanart. I'd rather not have a bunch of empty folders for media types I don't have, it's an OCD thing. I tried removing the entries from the Platforms.xml file but as soon as I relaunch the application the folders get re-added to the xml file. I would think / hope that this would be tied to media downloading so that if a media type is removed from a platform that media type would not appear in the selection screens for media downloading.
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