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  1. Can't seem to get this to work. When I right click a game inside Launchbox, you see it as an option all the way at the bottom, but when I click on it nothing happens.
  2. BigBox appears to be unaffected, however Launchbox will successfully load and shows up in my taskbar. Whenever I click on it, the application just stays minimized. I can hover over the application in the taskbar and see a preview of what's going on inside it, but it just refuses to appear when I click on it. Any ideas? EDIT: I think it has to do with the welcome message failing to load. When I hover the application in the taskbar, the window for the welcome message is white while the Launchbox app itself appears to be loading EDIT 2: Deleted the setting.xml file inside Launchbox/Data and it works again
  3. To piggy back off another post, it appears 'Platform' isn't display properly in LaunchBox. It lists 2-Player Games, 4-Player Games, etc. instead of just the platforms. If you switch the drop down to 'Platform Category', it display just platforms with an expandable down arrow on Arcade, PC, etc. However, there appears to be a duplicate list of the platforms a second time.
  4. Looking for some help: The universal close emulator AHK works fine for CEMU, but for RPCS3, it doesn't appear to work. I think what is happening is because it has a launcher, and then it opens up the game in a second window, that it is only closing out of the launcher and not the launcher + game. Anyone have any ideas?
    I like this one a lot. Maybe add some sound effects for the weapons after each shot? High quality all around on this one. Great work!
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