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  1. There are not a lot of options in the Demulshooter GUI exe, so not sure if there is something I might be doing wrong there.
  2. I'm not sure if I have something set incorrectly in Demulshooter, but if I set the UserRawInput setting to 0 in the ini file, even if I am running Demulshooter, the emulator only let's me use 1 lightgun, the 2nd one doesn't work. I have everything set up more or less the way I want it now, and setting up the exe files for each game is a little tedious, but if there is an easier way to do things either through Demulshooter or bat files, I'm all ears.
  3. Sorry for any confusion in my earlier posts - I got everything working exactly the way I wanted it to work using the AHK scripts. I had already been using Demulshooter, but even if you are using Demulshooter, my understanding is that you have to set the UserRawInput setting in the EMULATION.INI file to 1 if you want to use two light guns, because only if this setting is set to 1 will the Model 2 emulator recognize 2 mice, or 2 lightguns if you are setting them up as such. If you set the RawUserInput setting to 1, I think it disables the ability to use XBOX 360 controllers, so you can't switch
  4. No, I use Demulshooter, and Demulshooter has been working well for me so far, so I don't think that's been the issue for me
  5. Would anyone know how to do this using a bat file method? I am assuming a bat file script would have to be different than an AHK? If anyone would be able to point me in the right direction on this, it would be much appreciated
  6. 2 install method might be the easiest option. Not in front of my setup right now but I will provide an update once I'm able to spend some time making changes to the settings
  7. I use Demulshooter but that doesn't solve what I was initially trying to accomplish. Even if you use Demulshooter, you have to set RawInputData to one if you use both light guns, and I don't think there is any way to do this using the Aimtrak gun's buttons and also use an Xbox 360 controller without either using an AHK script or using two emulators. Is there an easier way to do it using only a bat file?
  8. I created the AHK scripts, and i am assuming that AHK stands for "Auto Hot Key" script. Is there anything additional I need to do or install in order for my AHK scripts to run? I created exe files in notepad to try to get the AHK scripts to run, but I don't think this is the right approach. I also had spaces in some of my folder names, so I am assuming I have to use quotation marks in order for the script to accurately pick up my folder paths. If I just create the AHK scripts in notepad with either an exe or bat extension, neither seems to be working for me right now - any additional tips as f
  9. Perfect! Not in front of my setup right now, but will provide an update tomorrow. It may end up being easier for me to just go with a multi-emulator setup, but I will try both options and see which one of the two I might prefer
  10. This is fantastic!!! Do you mind breaking this down a little bit for me? I know how to create all of the ini files, and I know how to save those all to the default ini location. I think I also know how to compile the AHK script and save those to the default ini location, and I know how to run the additional apps in Launchbox. Do I just copy the script you provided above? It looks like it is running both a custom ini file and the default ini file, so I just want to be sure I copy the script you provided above verbatim, using the names of the custom ini files I use. I will try this right now and
  11. Hi everyone, I am trying to set up the Sega Model 2 emulator so that I can run each game out of Launchbox without having to edit the EMULATOR.INI file every time I play a different type of game, but based on what I've tried so far, it doesn't look like you can have the XInput setting set to 1 and the UserRawInput setting also set to 1 at the same time so that the emulator will recognize buttons on 2 different Aimtrak light guns and buttons on Xbox 360 controllers at the same time. That means that if I am playing Virtua Cop and I want to use the buttons on the Aimtrak light gun to insert coins
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