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  1. love the product and this forum. My set-up is ready now and this weekend I will finish my first cab. Will post a picture of the result in the correct forum later.
  2. Thank you @zombeaver, your instructions on parajve worked perfectly
  3. Can't believe how stupid I was. I bought the license earlier this week but forgot to upgrade. Upgraded now to 7.14 and the only thing I had to do was add file startup.mp4 to the videos root folder. Thanks Neil for pointing me in the right direction. Back outdoors for my walk of shame now
  4. First, thank you for your patience and quick replies. I am running Launchbox 7.3. I disabled sound on start and splashscreen in BigBox. BigBox now just starts without anything. I now only have a folder called startup in the root of Launchbox. In this folder I have now placed a couple of videos with different names but when I start BigBox (either direct or via launchbox) nothing happens. BigBox just starts without playing the videos.
  5. Sorry to keep bothering you on this, I am just tearing my hair out for hours now and I dont get it to work. There was no 'startup' folder in my Videos folder so I created it and placed the file called startup.mp4 in there. I have also placed it in the root of the Videos folder. This doesn't work. i keep getting the original BigBox start screen and sound. Now, in the Videos folder I can see other folders called Arcade, Nintendo 64 etc which contain some videos. However the root of my Launchbox/Videos folder is empty (apart from startup.mp4) isn't that a bit weird ? I think my solution lies in locating the original startup screen but I cannot find it anywhere. This is something else I discovered. If I overwrite 'startup' in the sounds folder and then start BigBox, the Startup.wav gets recreated. Could that be a clue ?
  6. Thank you, i am talking BigBox. I tried what you suggested but I still only get the original SplashScreen. If I could only locate that, I would probably be on my way
  7. Hi, I am a noob but I have spent the last 3 hours trying to change the SplashScreen to no avail. Read all I could find on the forums but no luck. watched youtube tutorials etc. So I have downloaded a custom theme and renamed it to startup ( I also tried it with Startup) and placed the file in the root of User/MyName/Launchbox/Videos but the splash screen stays the same. I have also tried to copy that file to almost every other Launchbox folder I could find but still nothing changes. So my question is, what on earth am I doing wrong ? In which folder should i place this mp4 file and what other files should be present in that folder ? Also what is the name of the original splashscreen, so I can try to locate that ? thanks again, Peter
  8. That looks amazing, tx for the video and the instructions
  9. I am having trouble getting the vectrex system to integrate in bigbox. I use ParaJve as the emulator and it works fine as stand alone. Mind you, i have just started with launchbox and still am going through all the forums.
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